Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brrr! Winter is setting in , when it should be Spring!

Very cold here today and there is a thick layer of frost on the fields and hedgerows, and, incidentally the car!! Yesterday I finished my serialised podcast of The Life of St David, by the tenth century monk Ricemarsh. It is funny how even down all the years the love for this man shows through, in spite of the fact, that the tale is rife with stories and Celtic symbols, lewd women, saints riding on dolphins and bees wanting to get to Ireland and of course St David's levitation at Llandewi Brefi. David was a great defender of the Church,which is probably the reason for Pope Callixtus's canonisation in the twelfth century when they began the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Earlier saints were acclaimed by the vox populi, the people around them acclaiming them, as happened to St Patrick, however I would be interested to hear from any experts on the Celtic Saints, to understand why David had 'All the monarchy'. Was this perhaps that the monarchic lines in Wales seemed to all rest in genealogies which go back to the sister of the virgin Mary. Of course-this would give them Mary's blood perhaps.However we know St Joseph of Arimathea founded a church in Glastonbury-that 'holy hot spot'in the first century Ad, sent primarily by Peter after Pentecost with St Philip to Northern Europe. These twelve disciples are likely to have been members of Jesus own 'human family' and we know Jesus was connected to Joseph of Arimathea who was his Uncle. Joseph was the merchant who often sailed away to Northern Europe trading as recent finds after he landslip in Tintagel have found artefacts from 1st century Middle East.So could the amazing truth possibly be that the 'monarchy is directly connected to a direct bloodline to the family of the Virgin? I guess there are a lot of 'ifs' and a great deal of legend-but it is possible.If so it would be an amazing story-possibly the link was broken with the Saxon invaders?? Of course we can never be 100% sure.

Madeleine Mccann

Boards have been buzzing with photos of Madeleine McCann in some market place on the back of what looks like an Oriental looking woman and in another seems the face of a Mccann friend is prominent-again carried on the back. Of wourse we don't know whether this ia another photo we have been fed and another child produced in a few years presented as the 'real' child in the video. I am open on the subject.However sensationally is what appears to be the face of a family friend who has been 'recognised' by many. I can't comment as I think it is odd not to pass such a photo-or set of photos to Scotland Yard, but I continue to be hopeful.

Haut de LA Garenne former children's home in Jersey-the dig goes on and there is very little new news as yet.The BBc have recorded the experiences of two former abused children on their website.Police are investigating another bricked-up room of about the same size which adjoins the cellar, and possibly a third, after phone call from a member of the public.
On Friday 29 February they discovered a "trap door" - a space in the floor above the cellar. They also began examining floor plans, said to be about 100 years old, handed to them by a member of the public. These seemed to show the basement area was at one time at ground floor level.
Police plan to investigate another bricked-up room of about the same size which is next to it, and perhaps a third, after a member of the public contacted police.
As the search continues archaeologists are checking to see if rubble and debris were brought in from elsewhere for use as in-fill by builders.
Two more people have come forward claiming to be victims of abuse at the former Haut de la Garenne children's home , who had made "allegations of serious sexual crimes". How grisly, and how awful they had no one to turn too. It reminds you of the Dickens public Schools in 'Nicholas Nickleby' and of course David Copperfield. Whilst attitudes to children have changed enormously in the last 30 years, thanks to the Childrens' Act and it used to be common to beat children years ago. What makes this horrific is the sexual abuse in the pool, the alleged collusion of Establishment figures and the fact that former victims are being threatened according to polic reports.

Today I read as well about nine year old children with guns and young teenagers peddling drugs in playgrounds. Why has no one got a grip??

I found this about Welsh settlers in Patagonia, which is part of Argentina. Fascinating that they are proud o their Celtic roots. I think they were frightened o the Aborigines in the beginning but are now happily settled there and foster many cultural links with Wales. I think many Male Choirs have visited there.
The Welsh settlers chose Patagonia. They contributed to its progress and development and they became argentine, without losing their Celtic roots. And they were able to prove it during year 1902 when Argentina and Chile had a conflict for the Valley 16 de Octubre: when asked for their preferences, the Welsh said: "We have lived under the protection and sovereignty of Argentina; we are loyal to this lands, native for many of us". Well done and Pob hwyl!Hope you don't forget old Dewi!

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