Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on Shannon, Missing Schoolgirl

The mother of missing schoolgirl Shannon Matthews says someone she knows abducted her daughter - and they did it to hurt her.Karen Matthews, 32, a mother-of-seven from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, said: 'She got abducted. That's all I can say.'"Apparently there has been no trace of Shannon-not her swimming costume nothing.She says someone took Shannon to hurt her.

And asked why someone close to her would do it, the mother-of-seven replied: "Just to hurt me, really."Mr Meehan and Mrs Matthews today again insisted he had nothing to do with Shannon's disappearance - as well as claims made by Mrs Matthews' own parents that he had hit the schoolgirl.

Please are avidly continuing their searches.Three weeks after she went missing the these involve more than half the country's specialist search dogs and hundreds of officers.

Organ Blues

I have a problem in that I can't play the organ for Mass on Holy Thursday. I play most Sundays but we are having a break for four days at this time. I have had some traumatic times with that Organ. First, whilst in full flood with Bread of Heaven,a very noisy hymn, a stop came out in my hand as I pulled it out when I was playing, then I could not control the sound. The Kyrie came and it was so quiet as I was only left with the noisiest (trumpets)stops and softest (lieblich) The Principal, when I opened it seemed unpleasntly out of tune-in fact it did not really settle down, since the diapason stop was in my handbag it seemed to be playing up saying 'Ok if he's not working neither am I!!'I forgot he sanctus and a choir member leaned over to me and said 'Hey have you gone on strike?' which I thought was unneccessary really .

Then, to my absolute horror came the Panis Angelicus and Soul of my Saviour-I told the choir to sing up, which they did, however the accompaniment was very weak . It would be better to stop playing and just sing myself.The principal was sounding more and more like the sound track of an old version of the PHantom of the Opera. It did cross my mind what God was thinking about it. Finally I decided on tough love-Love Divine to the Welsh tune Blaenwern-this tune is not in the Hymn book I have but I snitched it out of 'Songs of Praise'. I literally pulled out all the stops! Well! LOUD!!!?? I felt like I was being vibrated on one of those vibrator chairs supposed to relax you, but I assure you it was NOTHING as relaxing as that!!!The sound drilled into my head and yet a horrible determination kept me going through it all! I was going to teach that organ a lesson! However, after I had done my twiddly bit at the end, I was left shaking on the organ stool and the choir put all away and helped me,slowly, down the stairs still shivering down into the hall for a cuppa and a biccie. After appreciating their comforting words and sympathy, I calmed down and gave the unfortunate stop to Father who got a wood turner in the village to fix it. The choir swear the organ is a little gem.....hmmnnn!My husband still laughs about it. It is back in order for Holy Week and the Triduum, but I still feel the trauma . Am seriously thinking of getting them all trained in plainchant so no one has to play!!!That Principal stop has not sorted itself out yet and is still giving me a hard time!! Still a very nice Anglican gentleman is playing for Easter-and-I'll leave it with him, although not many hymns until Saturday Vigil and the bringing of all the candles into the church,following the Easter Candle, one of the loveliest services of the year.The bells ring, a bonfire is lit outside, gadually the lights all go on amidst the singing and psalms Alleluia Alleluia and the loudest music plays.....just as well really......ha ha-just think about when he pulls out all the stops! But being nice, of course, I will warn him of the experience!

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