Saturday, March 29, 2008

Divine Mercy Sunday

Christus heri et hodie Christ yesterday and today
Principium et finis The Beginning of all things and their end
Alpha A (first letter of Greek alphabet)
et Omega and O (last letter of Greek alphabet)
Ipsius sunt tempora All time belongs to him
et saecula And all the ages
Ipsi gloria et imperium to him be glory and dominion
per universa aeternitatis for all erternity to the End of the World Amen

Trusting Jesus, when the world is so broken, where evil seems to be everywhere, families fragmented and the unborn killed, can be very difficult. However it is important to remember the exciting thing. Christ walks among us. He tells us this is not the end for us and what we see here is just a dim image in a mirror. When we are with him we shall see him face to face, we who have trusted him through all the difficulties and cruelties of life. There will be justice for those who have hardened their hearts and done terrible things. The innocent will be saved and those who have loved on to the end. Those who have reared children, borne insults been beaten, ill treated, humiliated these things has has all had happen to him.

So with full hearts, full in gratitude to way with Sister Faustina with all Christians from the very earliest:

Hagios o Theos! Holy God!
Hagios Ischyros! Holy and Strong!
Hagios athanatos Holy Immortal One
eleison hymas!- have mercy on us!

These words from the Good Friday rituals

Have mercy on us all, especially the suffering world. Parents of all those who have had a child stolen, who are lonely, are abandoned, neglected or cruelly treated, those will terminal diseases.

Dear Lord , eleison hymas-have mercy on us.

Have mercy on us all.

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