Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coroner at Bridgend's Comments

The Coroner investigating the teenage suicides today has come to the conclusion with the first three that they did comitt suicide. He was scathing of You Tube allowing videos to be shown instructing young people on tips on how to do this.There are also apparently occult websites which the feeble minded will go on for kicks. I am once again speechless that these sites are not taken down or at least blocked. I really enjoy You Tube but it seems unregulated and allows people to make the most outrageous and dark videos, like the libellous ones accusing the McCann's of the death of their daughter. How cruel is that? I hope it will be possible for the McCann;s to sue all who publish these libels and take no thought for the fact of the feelings of people already hit hard by the abduction of the child. Let us hope there will be justice for all and hope Madeleine returns very soon.

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