Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Claims from Haut de la Garenne!

The pace of the investigation into the sad little story of the gruesome life of some of Jersey's most vulnerable children is increasing . A leading Dorset detective has been sent to Jersey to help local police and provide an independent voice. To date around 160 former residents who stayed there in the 1960s, 70s and 80s have claimed they were chained up, abused and raped at the home.

The home was run in the 1960s by Colin Tilbrook, who later worked for Dorset social services before his death 20 years ago.A Dorset woman has claimed he raped her and at least one allegation has been made that he abused children in the Jersey home
At least 40 suspects have been identified, some of whom are now dead.

Police teams are currently monitoring ports and airports in case any suspects still living on the island attempt to leave.Detectives are now working their way through a list of former residents who witnesses have said went missing or ran away over the years.The abuse inquiry began a year ago but has only recently been made public.

Officers have travelled as far as Australia and Thailand to interview witnesses.

It is not known how long the Dorset officer will be involved in the inquiry. Inquiries to reveal the age of the child's skull alone are expected to take several weeks.
If anything was needed to prove the existance of evil under such respectability, this is it. God's blessing on all those in its power and peace in their lives.A good start. anyway to getting some kind of closure. Bless all those with flashbacks and who have been scarred by these people.

The BBC have been busy rewriting the Gospel again.Jesus said 'Ot would have been better for that man if he had not been born' in tonight's episode he says 'I'm sorry Judas'-is this dramatic license? Jesus lacked any sort of warmth either. I thought the Time Life 'Jesus' was better.You always had the feeling he really cared for people.-which he did.

Still praying for the return of little Madeleine McCann, that the Easter Season will return her too to her real life with her parents.Whoever has kidnapped her should give her back now-this has gone on too long!! Ev xxxx

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