Saturday, March 22, 2008

Et resurrexit tertia die secundum scripturas-He is risen!!!

So Christ has risen. We have just returned from the Vigil Mass. The bonfire was a bit small but lovely when the church was lit with candles as the priest held up the Easter (Paschal Candle) and celebrated :The LIght of Christ! The service had several parts, readings, renewal of baptismal promises, Litany of the Saints and finally the Eucharist and its return to the Tabernacle. I had used to go to the tiny church of St Materiana, but the final rump of people now went to another church and I was only accompanying my husband and then used to do Mass on Easter Morning.

The little church of St Paul the Apostle in Tintagel is sadly a new building pained ble inside, which I always feel is cold, especially with a florescent light over the altar. The monks of Buckfast Abbey made the stained glass, overwhelmingly blue colour, makes it feel cold. Nevertheless the priest was warm and welcoming and afterwards there was much wishing everyone a happy Easter!

LAOS-Christian Persecution

58 Christians Arrested, While 9 Church Leaders Sentenced to Prison

On February 22, Laotian officials arrested 15 Hmong Christian families in Bokeo district, Laos. According to Compass Direct News, the arrests occurred a day before a court sentenced nine Hmong church leaders to 15 years in prison for 'conducting Christian ministry and meetings that had grown beyond acceptable levels for Communist officials.'

"The day before the sentencing, Laotian authorities arrived in Bai Sai Janrern village in Bokeo district with six trucks in which they hauled away eight Christian families. Authorities also arrested at least seven families from Fai village three miles away." The arrested families make up a total of 58 Hmong Christians. Compass added, officials have warned Hmong Christians they will return to the area to round up believers who have moved from other districts in Laos. "They have been told that the officials will be sending them back to their home districts. Many Hmong in Bokeo district have married Hmong from other districts, so this will create tremendous hardship for the families," the source told Compass.

The nine Christian leaders sentenced to 15 years in prison for Christian ministry were arrested in July 2007, during a police and military raid of suspected rebels that left 13 innocent Christians

Pray for them, the persecuted and all the Martyrs.


Today I visited Bascastle and Padstow ,where I visited St Petroc's Church.

I have then gone along the cliffs to the Glebe Cliff and looked at Tintagel Castle and Merlin;s Cave and finally went to Tintagel Church of St Materiana where I did a soundseeing tour which I will be editing when I return home and putting up on the MaryinMonmouth Podcast (available iTunes, Juice, Winamp etc)

It was so bitterly cold this wind, nevertheless the hotel is lovely, warm, bed is soft

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