Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ice sets in.Life of David serialised in Podcasts

There is a thick frost here today! Brrrrr! I have put the Life of David up in Podcasts for people to listen to to enjoy these wonderful stories-meant to be listened to with the ears of Faith from a very different society from today's, though perhaps the lascivious nature of the women of Boya and his attempts to crush the truth with force may have strong echoes today. The cruelty of such people definately has a parallel with the disgrace of the scandal at Haut de la Garenne and its innocents, as at least Boya and his magician friends are open in their desire for domination and his wife is not slow to murder her daughter-in-law herself and send her women to unsettle those who chose a different path.All have echoes today. Remember the Celtic animals have meanings -Barri returns to Ireland on a horse-a mystical animal of strength and able to carry the rider to paradise, and Brendan appears on a Dolphin. Now the dolphin's qualities are many.Pre Christian Celts told tales about the magic of dolphins. Their appearance off the shores of Ireland urged the Celts to contemplate an unknown universe – the sea. Those who could not settle to simply cogitate – Celtic seafarers held the dolphin in high regard.
It became a symbol of friendship, intelligence, and good luck. Its status of luck was likely related to the fact that the dolphin was most commonly seen on the seas when the weather and waves were calm and fair. The Celts innately understood the intimate relationship between nature and beast. Regardless, the dolphin is viewed as quite lucky indeed – and this quality combined with it's cleverness and speed in the waters made the dolphin a highly respected animal sign among the Celts.St Brendan's greeting is viewed then in friendship between the saints and luck for Barri on his way back to Ireland. We know he later did a white martyrdom and landed in South Wales in a port to which he gave his name becoming a close friend of St Cadoc, who had built a hermitage nearby at Cadoc's Town/ (Cadoxton in Saxon)

Still no sign of Madeleine McCann. All has gone silent this week and yet we are puzzled at many aspects of this case. No CCTV displayed (this was confirmed that this time it had not been wiped/accidentally deleted/not switched on etc etc.and the student said she had seen it and identified the child and the police had seen it and agreed with her)Then silence! Did someone slip up this time? Actually amazing another little look- alike child has not been brought forward to disprove the sightings as before? Perhaps they know the public are bored with the charade.I shall continue to pray for Madeleine and her family.

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