Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cloning and abortion,New Podcast:Cool UK Catholics and the Eucharist

What sounds like cloning but does not say cloning? That's a good one my lord!Well might Percy have said this to Blackadder. So you have not read deeply into this Bill before parliament. The Labour Party are putting the whip on this forcing even their Catholic MPs to vote for it, although no other party is. Perhaps all the money which has already been spent on this (I believe over one million pounds) has something to do with it. However the Benedict XVI has declared that meddling with genetics is a grave sin, and actually for Catholic Labour MPs to abstain is ducking the issue. This Law does not mention cloning but implies it. 'Rescue siblings' flesh grown to order for purposes. Like the New Earth episode of Dr Who when all the clones live in small cells, even different illnesses are tried out on them. The question is when does human flesh cease to be human? All human bodies have souls. God knows them as soon as they are formed. He performed a miracle with Mary after all and all human souls belong to Him.

Why do we not know all about this? We know 8 human clones are reported to have been conceived in Holland in 2003, with parents refusing to be identified. The claim that making hybrid human/animal creatures will benefit man leads people to remain to be convinced. According to a TV programme I saw, the aids epidemic resulted from just such experiments with apes in Africa, the resulting disease spreading into the human population. This research is meant to obliterate killer diseases-this is the reason given for the cloning, and the government we have certainly wants to made Britain a world leader in this area.Other scientists say stem cells can be taken from umbilical cords of babies, however, and cures can be found by other means. But who is actually the driving force behind this legislation? The Bishops sent out a letter recently asking people to remonstrate with their MPs making their views known. Are we going to walk into a horror set up through an aromatherapy of lethargy? It is important you find out about this. The bill implies cloning but does not mention it, yet it will be neccessary for the Law to function. Very Clever.God help us if they succeed.

What do Catholics really believe about the EUCHARIST ('Lord's Supper')

I have put up a new podcast on Itunes. It deals with issues of interest and and we also have a segment @ask the Evangelist. This week someone is explaining, clearly Catholic Teaching about the Eucharist or the 'Lord's Supper.'This is one of the most superb preachers-a former Baptist minister who I find inspiring. Part two will be next time. He looks in detail at John Chapter 6 and compares it with what the disciples who were trained by Peter and Paul to take over after their martyrdoms said, ie what Peter and Paul taught them.I think he is worth a listen and to find out who it is, you will need to download the podcast.

Soundseeing Tour of Llandaff Cathedral

Also today on Mary in Monmouth, I have put together my Soundseeing Tour of Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff-which developed from an early monastery founded by St Dyfrig/Dubricius,a picture of whose tomb is in the large picture at the bottom of this blog. This became the Abbey Church of St Dyfrig, St Teilo (Called Eluid in the 'Life of David' and St Oudoceus (known as Euddogwy in Welsh-Oy-thog-oo-ee) I go around inside picking out objects of interest. It was virtually deserted but I did not get all the recording levels right, nevertheless I describe the wonderful Lady Chapel, with the vaulted and coloured ceiling inscribed with the initials MR, the reredos-3O flowers in Welsh are named for Mary. The magnificent Jesse window, the stained glass windows depicting the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. There is a Dyfrig Chapel, with a glorious picture-oils on wood made for Teilo's Ecclesia which was painted over with lamp black for a long time to save it from being destroyed-indication that venerating Mary died hard-even with Cromwell and others ransacked the churches and cathedrals after the Tudors had done their worst. This painting has been magnificently restored and now is displayed in the chapel. The tomb of Dyfrig/Dubricius is in there (though the bones have disappeared) no doubt crushed under the foundations of the Cathedral.The Oudoceus Chapel is a place of prayer, but not beautiful. There is a StDavid Chapel, home of the Welsh Regiment.

The real miracle is the return of the relic of St Teilo carefully guarded down the centuries which went to Australia even, was bought back to the UK from the family which originally owned it, and then was returned to the Cathedral, where it is held in a Reliquary in the Teilo Chapel. (Picture somewhere on the side bar.)This is in an Eastern Orthodox style reliquary built into the wall and is lit behind thick glass in a box lines with red felt.It was the most meaningful part of the tour, being so close to the actual skull of St Teilo. I said a rosary for him.

Greenfields Childrens Home-New Cruelty allegations

Children at a Jersey children's home were locked up in solitary confinement an employment tribunal has heard.Simon Bellwood is a former manager andsaid children at the Greenfields unit were referred to as 'inmates' and rooms were termed 'cells'.
This is another probmen home after police found the remains of a child's body in the Haut de la Garenne Home.It seems Mr Bellwood says he was dismissed after whistleblowing on the whole issue in the secure unit.He said there was a problem in Jersey with deficient practice, poor staff training, lack of external scrutiny of services and a 'Culture of Fear' preventing staff from speaking out.H was objecting to this being routine practice. Oh dear! Here we go round the Mulberry Bush!

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