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Big bad Gwynlliw

Big Bad Gwynlliw-the Great Sinner of Newport,
And the Saintly Gwladys of Brycheinog.

When Dyfrig was Archbishop of Caerleon, Glywys-(Glaoo-iss), a local British chieftain governed one of the districts of Gwent. When he died, his land was divided between his sons, but only one Gwynlliw Farfog (The Bearded) was able to fight off marauders and keep the kingdom intact. He exceeded all his brothers in nobility and prowess in battle and was such a worthy prince, and ruled so well that peace was established throughout the district all his life. He was based in Caerleon, which was still a magnificent city.

After a while, Gwynlliw (Gwinn-thloo)wanted to marry, and found a bride in the beautiful Princess Gwladys born at Gwynllwgat Bochriwcarn in Gelligaer, around 497AD ,daughter , granddaughter or niece of King Brychan of Brycheiniog (Brecon).By some accounts, the gentle and noble Lady Gwladys was destined to be a nun, but driven by her beauty, Gwynlliw is said to have actually carried her off and forced her to marry him. They had a noble son, Cadoc, who was a very holy and good person to whom the Church (and hospital)at Caerleon was later entrusted in a dedication in preference to St Julius Julianus of whom memories had begun to fade. Cadoc’s Church was built on the site of a Temple of Jupiter in the centre of the city.Many Gwent Churches are dedicated and protected by him spiritually.

St Cadog. Catwg, Cadoc, Cadfael their son

Cadoc (baptised "Cadfael" by St. Tathyw)and Gwladys, horrified by Gwynlliw’s piratical onslaughts into the Usk(Wsg), begged his father with Tathyw of Caerwent) to think of his immortal soul, whenever he committed murder and piracy. At a young age Cadoc had been sent away to be educated by the Irish saint (Tathyw) at his monastery in Caerwent. For Gwynlliw had killed many people to achieve his peace. The saintly Gwladys and Cadoc prayed that Gwynlliw would repent of his sins and turn to God. Fred Hando writes
‘the fierce Welshman revelled in his adventures and scorned the prayers of his saintly wife and son’.

Near the mouth of the Usk (Wsg) in a creek called Pill Gwenlliw(Gwynlliw’s Creek) ,he kept a long fast boat and it was his custom to go out into the Bristol channel with his men and attack passing ships, killing the crews and stealing the cargoes!
One night, so tradition has it, he was visited by his Guardian angel, who told him to leave his worldly possessions and try to find the Kingdom of Heaven.
The angel instructed him that on the hill by the banks of the river, he would discover a white ox with a black spot between its horns. The land where he found the ox would be uncultivated and there he must live and labour. Gwynlliw and Gwladys went out to check , and discovering the white bull on the side of an ancient hill fort, where the angel had told him , he built a monastic cell on the hillside overlooking the sea on what became Stow Hill, overlooking the site of modern Newport. In ancient Welsh lore, a white bull was an other worldly creature In the Celtic world, the bull was a symbol of virility, sovereignty, and wealth. In Ancient Celtic lore, a highly ritualized "feast of the bull", always preceded the crowning of a new High King.This could have indicated a vision of a new High King of the other world, or heaven
Gwynlliw gave up his Kingship to his son, Cadoc.Listen to the new podcast on Big Bad Gwynlliw by downloading Mary in Monmouth from iTunes or rss feed.

. Detectives investigating child abuse allegations at a Jersey children's home are poised to arrest three prime suspects after bones were found in a nearby field.
Police chief Lenny Harper said swoops will take place in Jersey and on the UK mainland.
He added: "I cannot say if the bones we have found are human yet but we will have the results on Monday."
Mr Harper said interviews with 160 alleged victims from the Haut de la Garenne care home had revealed one graphic incident from the Seventies "that has caused us particular concern. There is a strong possibility that someone died as a result".
He said they had been told of serious sex abuse taking place on day trips organised by staff and there was evidence of children being forced to watch other residents being sexually abused.
Mr Harper spoke as more than 300 people joined a rally to remember the victims in Jersey's capital St Helier.
Demonstrators called for the overthrow of the island's government amid accusations a cover-up for five decades.
March 8, 2008

Hundreds of citizens have been demonstrating in Huelva outside the gates of City Hall about Mari Luz Cortes, Her body was found in the estuary of Huelva in an advanced state of decomposition.

A rally took place at 12:00 am at the gates of the Town Hall of Huelva, where inside a plenary meeting of the municipal council, headed by the mayor, Pedro Rodriguez, as well as other political leaders was taking place.

During the meeting, a five minutes of silence was observed and Edil Huelva has released a statement from the family, thanking all those who have lived through the 58 days of the tragedy of her disappearance and have looked for Mari Luz.

The most moving moment and the overwhelming emotion happened when Pedro Rodriguez wanted to talk directly to Mari Luz Cortes, "at only five years of age you are already in the marshes of Heaven".He asked her to "take care of your parents, you will need to , your brother, your grandparents and your family. "

When the meeting was over, the mayor wrote to the many media there to report that the small burial will be held on Monday, when they have conducted DNA tests and a post mortem

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