Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mari Luz Cortez Requiescat in Pace

Kate and Gerry McCann have asked Portuguese police find out where a Spanish paedophile arrested last Saturday was on the day their daughter Madeleine disappeared. There was no obvious connection, but they wanted him to be ruled out.
The 52-year-old convicted paedophile, Santiago del Valle Garcia, his wife Rosa and sister Isobel were arrested late yesterday and he has reportedly confessed to killing Mari Luz Cortez. They were taken from a rented house in Cuenca, which is South of Madrid.
Her body was found floating in the river near Huelva on March 7th, just after posters were put up in Spain. He said he had panicked and dumped her body when she fell in an accident, but had bee previously said to have murdered her. He was well known to the family and they had suspected it was him. Mari Luz’s parents Juan Jose and Irene lived less than 100 yards from his house on the route the Mari would have taken as she came back after buying some sweets.According to the Mail on Sunday, Mari Luz's dad said: "This comes as no surprise to me. We know it's him."

They had become suspicious when he and his family left Huelva the night after Mari Luz disappeared. Police had already questioned him over that and a plot to kidnap a girl in Seville and an attempt to groom a girl on the Internet, after persuading her he was her age.

He is said to have convictions for child abuse and paedophilia . There was no particular connection between Marie Luz and Madeleine McCann, but Kate and Gerry had had posters printed with both girls on to be circulated in Spain, especially as Huelva is quite close to Pria di Luz and Portugal. Madeleine was abducted on May 3rd from her apartment, where she was sleeping.

Rest in the Mercy of God, little Baby.Lets us pray that Madeleine has been luckier, and that we see her returned as investigations continue with rigour and thoroughness.

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