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Download my Podcast -Summary of early Christian Gwent-Haut de la Garenne, Madeleine McCann Investigation


This is a picture of the Christ child in a nativity scene in a fresco that was found in the Gunter House in Abergavenny. It is a detail. The whole plaster was cut out and taken to the museum. It was here that Catholics secretly and in terror for their lives heard Masses said by Father Philip Evans and Father David Lewis among others both of whome were martyred during the terror of the Titus Oates lies.The Blessed Mother's head is elsewhere on this blog.

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Latest Podcast tells of St Tathan and his arrival in Monmouthshire (ancient Kingdom of Gwent) where he set up a college of great excellence at Caerwent. In addition there is some feedback on Boscastle after the flood and also a visit to the Tiny chapel at Fontrevault at Tintagel. Later this week there will be a soundseeing tour in a very chilly Padstow!! And a longer one later from Tintagel St Materiana’s Church, not far from the castle and Merlin’s Cave.

I also did a summary of what we have learned about early Christianity in Gwent.

Joseph of Arimathea’s arriving and departure to Glastonbury. He had been sent by St Peter and St Philip and arrived with some of Christ’s disciples.Mud and wattle church.
Possible early Christianisation of Caractacus’ family. Eurgain (Claudia Rufina and husband Pudens and younger brother Linus born in Rome, all good friends with St Peter. At the time of Nero, Claudia returned with her son Timotheus to Winchester, where she founded her hermitage.
Persecution and martyrdoms of Saints Julius, Aaron and Alban, first two at Caerleon (Isca Silurum) and Alban at Verulamium (St Albans)
Age of the Welsh Saints, of noble birth, often consecrated hermits or monks in small monasteries.
White Martyrdom-giving up life to God by going possibly in a boat over the sea and being taken where God wants you to go to work for him.
Green martyrdom-setting up hermitage or monastery on a partch of land (island) usually near a holy well for baptism.
Red Martyrdom-martered by blood (ie being killed)
Blue martyrdom is when through fasting and hard work the desires are controlled and they live on struggling in penance and repentance.
3 kinds of Martyrdom that are precious in the Sight of God
Chastity in youth, moderation in the midst of abundance and not receiving gifts that a corrupt right judgement. Cambrai Celtic homily)

All things held in common-common injunction to feed and clothe each other and make the stranger welcome.
Monks and priests were often ‘soul friends’Soul friends anmchara Saints and holy men travelled around together. Made pilgrimages to Rome and Jerusalem together.
Heard one another’s confessions individually, a practice later accepted by the church, as bringing the sinner close to God. Until then, confessions only for very serious sins and would incur years of penance and could only be given once.


St Materiana (Queen Madryn of Gwent ) and son Cedwyn-green island martyrdom at Minster in Boscastle. Cedwyn ordained at Truro on the Feast of St Peter’s Chair.
Pater Ishow (Issui,) gives rules of hospitality to a robber who murders him. Place of Pilgrimage.

St David’s Cell in Golden Valley at Llanthony where he had his green island. He defends the teaching of the church against the claims of Pelagius and is canonised.
The Major seat of Christianity held by Dyfrig (Dubricius) from North Gwent. He founds monasteries and places of learning throughout Gwent. Retires after David’s acclamation at Llandewi Brevi and levitation.there. David takes the headquarters to St Davids (in Roman Menevia-Pembrokeshire-where St David is) and Dyfrig founds Llandaff as his new headquarters and monastery. Dyfrig leaves to spend his last days on Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) called the ‘Island of the Blessed’ where Materiana had had a church built as a younger woman.

Teilo takes over Llandaff and David, Teilo and Padarn are consecrated bishops by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. (The Orthodox church and Roman branches of the church in full communion and were to be for hundreds of years)

St Tewdrig is martered by Angles out to attack the church and then his son Meurig gives many lands to the diocese of Llandaff via St Oudoceus (St Docco, or Welsh Euddogwy)The Bishops Palace of the Bishops of Llandaff remain at Mathern to thisday . King Tewdrig the Martyr is buried at the church at Mathern where his relics are interred under the altar in the chancel.

Anna, Meurig’s daughter was the mother of St Tathan who came to Wales to found a magnificent monastery. Gwynlliw, the wickled bandit chief and rular is converted by his saintly wife Gwladys and his son, taught by Tathan at Caerwent, who becomes a priest and bishop (as well as King, when Gwynlliw decides to do his green and ble martyrdom on Stow Hill in Newport) St Gwladys takes the veil and retires to a small convent at Bassaleg, near ‘Cadocs Pool’.Cadoc made seven pilgrimages to Rome and was away suring the synod of Llandewi Brefi. He was also a good friend of Irish White and St Barruc, who was doing a green martyrdom at the sea (Barry) Cadoc also had a small ‘island’ in the coast there at ‘Cadoc’s Town’-(Cadoxton)

This is all the ground we have covered up until now. The adventures of St David are also very interesting, as well as a soundseeing tour around Llandaff Cathedral.

The Pain lives on....

Seventy three years old man tells of Haut de la Garenne

John Buckley was at the home from 1946 to 1951 and says that children were mentally and physically tortured and were ‘brainwashed by fear’.

Now 73 and living in Brisbane, he was 11 years old when he first went to the former children’s home in St Martin, the grounds of which are being treated as a potential homicide scene after the discovery of a skull fragment on 23 February.

Mr Buckley says that he was never sexually abused at the home, but he feels that the States are to blame for the years of suffering and cruelty that he and other children had to endure at the hands of a number of sadistic staff.

The police did not warn ministers about the discovery of human remains at Haut de la Garenne before calling a press conference for the national media, it has emerged. And the Council of Ministers are being kept ‘at arm’s length’ from the investigation and are not receiving regular updates from the investigating team
Chief Minister Frank Walker says that he was told that police had started working at the Haut de la Garenne site, but not why, nor what they were looking for. He says that he was as shocked as anyone by the announcement on 23 February that the ‘partial remains of a child’ — later reported to be part of a skull — had been found at the site.

THE Chief Minister has called for a committee of inquiry into historic child abuse and alleged cover-ups.
However, the plans being drawn up do not say when the committee will be set up or what its terms of reference will be.

Senator Walker said that the committee would be set up only after the police investigations and prosecutions had run their course so that the inquiry would not prejudice court cases.

However, former Health Minister Stuart Syvret said that without a start date or terms of reference, the suggestion of an inquiry was ‘a PR exercise’ and that the proposal made no sense at all.

Ben Queree in the Jersey Evening Post (01534 611611)

Madeleine McCann (Today's Mail on Sunday)

The British police are to question the nine people in the Tapas bar on the night Madeleine McCann disappeared. This will be of three days duration in an attempt to clear up inconsistencies and try to unearth some new facts, not discovered by the investigations in Portugal.
Please pray for Mary, my friend, and Eva her daughter, if you have a prayer diary.

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