Monday, March 3, 2008

Haut de la Garenne -more finds

It is hard for your flesh now to crawl when cops on the TV claim that key witnesses in this scandal have been threatened by the former abusers,still trying to excercise their domination over their former charges.Newspapers today have been full of the photographs of a freezing bath where 24 children were punished at a time, put into freezing water and often abused.Some favoured boys were seen to have scrawled the message 'Ive been bad for years and years'The head and heart cannot take in such horrendous and callous torture from people who were meant to be in a position of trust.I hope they are quaking in their boots!This was a house of horrors.

The police have forty suspects but have not confirmed who is on the list and who may still be put on it.Investigations into recent intimidation of witnesses will continue.One abuser is said to heve been Wilfred Krichekfski, a leading member of Jersey's political establishment, who died in 1974. He is alleged to have visited the home unti his death to abuse boys.One boy who told a psychiatrist about the abuse said he would be put in a mental hospital if he repeated the allegations.Thereare alsosome living members o the islands Establishment who are suspects.There are 160 residents of the home so far who have come forward because they have been abused say the police.Children were dragged screaming down to the "deep, dark place" and forced to strip. A child's skeleton was found in a corridor above the cellar a week ago.

Children had written their names on the walls.12 more specialist detectives have been called in. Former reisdents and staff said the children were 'frozen with fear' while living there. Christine Bowker who worked there during the 79s was very concerned and said they disapproved of her giving any affection to the children.Problem was that is was difficult to know to whom to complain about inappropriate behaviour.

The investigation into the 'dungeons ' and 'punishment rooms' goes on and on. It makes your skin crawl to hear about all these horrible details and we should be grateful that at oleast officially people take children's safety and happiness more seriously, because you can hardly imagine what went on there and the terrible scenes. seemingly perpetrated on young children by grown men with no set of moral values at all, beyond the selfish gratification for his 'kicks'. The psalm says 'Harden not your hearts as at Meribah' and you have to say, when has evil possessed a man? Answer:When it has hardened his heart, and he does not see the suffering before him, only his evil desire. More bodies will be dug up in these rooms and God Rest the children who departed this life here, unloved and unwanted they finshed their miserable lives in cruelty and misery. God rest them all.

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