Monday, March 10, 2008

New Week and where's the 'hurricane?'

I woke up this morning to see that the trees were not uprooted although my little cache of disused bulbs, the plastic recycling bin and cans were all over the garden! Nice! Still I was grateful for no structural damage!!

Yesterday I found that I had been stymied in my push for new hymn books. Having (rather unwillingly in the first instance-I must admit)inherited the organist's job for the present, I wanted to et rid of the present prayer book and get another one with some of the better hymns I found the parish preferred to buy new missals. Heigh Ho! So , since our present book has about 1/3 usable hymns in our parish (bells and smells) it means that , since the Lenten hymns section is limited, we have had 'Forty Days and Forty Nights' on 3 of the five weeks. There are a lot of hymns in the new prayer books by Wesley and also from the Anglo Catholic tradition-in new book but not in ours. I was amazed the objection came from people complaining about political correctness in the new book, which I had not even noticed. Still perhaps they may get bored with the same hymns. We only have a very small number of Eucharist ones.Anyway, Palm Sunday next week and we will have Ride on ride on in Majesty and 'All Glory Laud and Honour'.A 94 year old man sidled up to me and requested 'Make me a channel of your peace'for the offertory. Hmmn. I think being organist could be quite dangerous with different factions and politics.
He still drives as well and a lady we had invited to lunch had double booked herself and was upset about it, but people forget at that age and we have something for Monday lunch now.

I have to get off early today. My son has a violin exam Grade 7 and is desperately practising his scales downstairs and scraping away. I really like the music of Schlndler's List so moving! I have noticed on the RAC website there is a tree down on the road so we need to go quickly.At St Bride's Wentloog in the south West of Gwent crashing waves have threatened a static caravan park and many people were evaculated to friends and relatives and stayed in a local sports hall. It is the area near what is called The Lighthouse near Peterstone and St Mellons. Peterstone was originally a Welsh monastery,and St Brides Church another dedicated to St Bridget of Ireland.St Mellon was another Welsh Saint twho sailed to France and gave his name to Saint Malo where he gave his name to the town and set up a monastery.

I heard on the BBC this morning that 3 people are to be charged imminently in the Haut de la Garenne atrocity case. Two are from the Island and one from the GB mainland. So we wait with bated breath. This makes you wonder about other children's homes on the islands. What is it with these men? Did they grow up in depraved homes. In the Middle Ages people were executed for murdering children, but the torture element is truly disturbing.Harden not your hearts as at Meribah says the psalm. A hard heart is when you have sold your soul to the devil, as regards spiritual combat.May the hard hearts be found and shamed.

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