Saturday, March 22, 2008

He rose on the Third Day!

Jesus Christ is Risen today! So today after Mass all the fun and games starts. The easter egg rolling at Padstow. The Easter Egg hunts, the Easter Bonnet competitions and the cheese rolling down the hills in Gloucester! The fields are full of daffodils, altough there was even a trace of snow yesterday in Padstow!So today we are off to our own Easter Egg hunt and I hope I am lucky and get an egg. All our Monmouthshire friends are in Cornwall too and we are all doing a big hunt later today!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the programme about the Holy Shroud of Turin last night. At long last they have proved it is from the 1st century BC and have no explanation for the image on the shroud, having done all sorts of tests on it. The original tests were flawed simply because the tests were dpone on two bits of the cloth which had been used to hang up the cloth for pilgrims by the hands of clerics which had contaminated the samples.

Anyway, back on Mondy in situ!!! Happy reading!

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