Sunday, March 9, 2008

Last Sunday in Lent- Spring is coming!

On Sundays in Lent, we do not need to fast because Sunday is always a Catholic celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord and a great celebration. Today we are having a special lunch in our house to celebrate. The days are lengthening . The crocuses are out as are the golden daffodils. The busy rhythm of the year starts again. You can smell the grass and the freshness of the trees.

This is the last full week of work before the Easter Celebration break and I am preparing a new podcast about Gwynlliw and his family. The best known saints of Newport. I am calling the podcast 'Big Bad Gwynlliw' because he was truly a great sinner-a pirate who used to keep his boat moored at Pillgwenlly (pill-water inlet,gwenlly(of Gwynlliw) and raid all the merchant ships coming up the Bristol Channel groaning with goods, and kill the merchants. The story of his conversion is interesting. Again there are problems. Anglo Saxon invaders (such as King Harold-with-the-arrow-in-his-eye of Hastings later) could not say Gwynlliw (Gwinn-thlew)and the name got corrupted to St Woolos. A monk of Gloucester (to which Benedictines Gwynlliw's church was given after the Norman Conquest)is to be congratulated for writing down the old legends concerning Gwynlliw and his family. The Saintly and very beautiful Princess Gwladys of Brecon whom he married, his famous son, St Cadoc of Caerleon after whom the parish church is dedicated and Cynydyr of Llancynydr and St Maches (Llan-vaches)who was buried at Caerwent. Again Gwynlliw and Gwladys and their children were contemporary with St Dyfrig/Dubritius.So more of that later.

Rest in Peace little Marie Luz Cortez. Once again a murdered child. So sad, a child named 'Mary Luz' -the Light of Mary.May she rest in eternal pece and may perpetual light shine upon her.

Psychics are predicting there will be a break through in the Madeleine McCann case-I certainly hope so.This has been an exhausting and long haul and you can only worry that she has been affected by her time away from her parents.Keep praying everyone.I keep feeling she is out there some where-just a gut feeling.

Yesterday there was a rally of abused people outside Haut de la Garenne Children's home. Shows you the scars never go away, and the very real existance of evil in the world.St Michael pray for us all.

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