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The Miracle of Llangibby, St Cybi,Cubi, Kybi. The Martyred Priests, The murdered Family and The Government and Cloning

LLANGIBBY is a parish, on the river Usk, between Usk and Caerleon, in the hundred of Usk, union of Pontypool, county court district of Usk,Church in Wales rural deanery of Usk, archdeaconry of Monmouth and diocese of Llandaff. Catholic Diocese of Cardiff.Originally a Catholic Church it has been administered by the Anglican Church since the sixteenth century.

The church of St. Cybi, or Sanctus Kibbius is a building of stone, in mixed styles, consisting of chancel, nave, south porch and a western tower containing 6 bells. It seats about 200 people. The register of baptisms dates from the year 1679, marriages from 1754 and burials from 1678. The church is in the early English style.

What is very interesting is that this is the site of a Celtic miracle-the Miracle of St Cybi, one of the 'Makers of Christian Wales'.

Saint Cybi (Feast Day 8th November)

St Cuby (Kebi Cybi)is an unusual saint in that he was Cornish and born of a Cornish family. His father is said to have been saint Selevan (Selyf) (name is given for present St Lavan in Cornwall in written records.Selevan =Welsh and Cornish version of 'Solomon')Selevan appears in a hagiography as father of St Cuby and is the son of St Erbyn and grandson of St Saint Geraint.)Selevan's sister was St Silwen and brother was St Just.This was a Cornish royal family.In fact Cuby ticked all the boxes of a Celtic saint.Their line is given in the Pedigrees of the saints as Cystenyn Gorneu-a Cornish family and in English King Constantine of Cornwall.(although there is a possibility of a place in Herefordshire also called by this name)We know he was brought up at a monastic school, even though his father was a chieftain. He began to read when he was seven and remained in his own monastery for twenty years, so was 27 when he went on the journey to Jerusalem to worship at the Sepulchre at the Lord. There was no division in the Church at this time at all, just the one church. He remained and probably was ordained by Hilary, Bishop of POitiers, and was said to have achieved miracles, elping bline people to see . worked among and cured some lepers.He also worked in the healing ministry and was made a bishop by Hilary of Poitiers.
St Cybi's mother was Gwen, daughter of Gynyr of Caergwch; he was therefore first cousin to St David, although perhaps some years younger ; he was contemporary with Maelgwn which made them all saints of the sixth century whereas St Hilary was in Poitiers in the fourth century. However, it is possible the name of the Bishop was incorrect.
1)He was of royal blood (this was important, as monarchy was essential to most saints and hermits were) 2)Celtic saints, imitating the habit of St Augustine of Hippo, who had taken his Catholic followers into the desert in North Africa. Later incursions of Muslims brought them back into Europe, Italy and Spain. Celtic people who determined to praise God, therefore, embraked on 'White and green Martyrdoms'.They would give up their lives to God. A red martyrdom was obviously a blood martyrdom, still observed in the Catholic canon by the wearing of red vestments at Mass on the day of a martyred saint. A WHITE martyrdom was usually a sea journey of some kind. The sea in Christian symbolism usually associated with death.(Jonah ,Red Sea crossing,Noah etc) The saint would usually set sail on a small boat and sail over the sea. A GREEN martyrdom was finding a 'patch' or island, usually near a well, where they would set up a small monastery with their helpers and sometimes completely alone as hermits. They would be useful in the community , grow their own food (and be brought food) celebrate Mass (if qualified-St Patrick was, and St David was, Bishops usually ordained in Jerusalem and Rome)again long difficult journeys but recorded in the lives of the Welsh saints and other Welsh accounts. The likelihood is that Cybi was ordained. He was of a Christian house and celebrating the Mass was important in the early church, being as now the 'binding' element of early Christians.
Cybi was possibly born near Tregony, but some say Duloe, between the two branches of the Looe river as he is the original patron othat church. Most of the saints at that time were Welsh and going to Cornwall, like Saint Materiana and St Ceidio of Gwent (wife of Ynyr Gwent and son)who embarked as missionaries for Cornwall arriving in Boscastle to set up their green martyrdom. Cybi came the other way. Cybi journeyed to many places when he had returned as a Bishop from Poitiers. He received the call to return to his own country and stayed a short while. HE was asked to be the King of the Cornishmen, but would not accept temporal power.He set off with his ten disciples, who included Maelog, Libiau, Peulas, and Cyngar.

The Miracle of Llangybi

On arriving in Llangybi (then called Eddlogan or Etheliehaun) the found a certain king Etelic was king there. St Cybi went down into his meadows and put up his tent. The King sent his men to see who these people were who were trespassing on his land on the meadow. The returning men said they were monks and Etelic went down to evict them with his men, but as he approached he fell down from his horse and the horse died too and he and his men became blind. Etelic prostrated himself and gave his body and soul to God and St Cybi, and the attendants of Etelic and himself and horse were cured . Then Etelic gave to Cybi forever two churches one at Llan Gybi, and the other at Llande verguir (believed to have been the parish church at Panteg-now destroyed) Cybi left there a small multi coloured handbell. St Cybi remained there for a while and established his monastery and church.
Cybi, blessing King Etelic departed and went forther to the west to visit his cousin Saint David in Menevia, at his monastery and remained there a short while.
Cybi in Ireland

Cybi sailed to the Island of Arum, where he stayed four years and built a church there, too . He bought his older cousin Cyngar a cow and calf because he coul not take solid food and only milk, and his disciples bravely cultivated the land. There was an argument with a local landowner, Crubthir Fintam, who refused to let them cultivate the land .St Cybi and Finatm went to the local Abbot called Enna on the island and he made peace between them. Cyngar's cow is said to have strayed again onto Finatam's land an was tied up. St Cybi sent a message for it to be released as the cow would give no milk without her calf and Cyngar was nearly dead because he needed the milk. There was another recorded miracle as God somehow allowed the calf to be sent to its mother, dragging behind it the small tree and its roots.Fintam prayed to the Lord God to be rid of Cybi and his monks, but the account says, God loved Cybi and an angel came to Cybi in his sleep and said to him Go from this island to the Eastern side. To which Cybi said May God destroy Fintam from this island and the angel said So it shall be.
St Cybi then went to Mida, on the southern side of the island and stayed there a while, built a church, which is called to this day the great church of Mochup. Fintam followed him yet again, and said the land was his . Cybi fasted for three days so that God should show him what he should do. He was told to go east by the angel . Cybi did so and to the plain of Bregh and stayed there a week. Again Fintam complained. Again Cybi asked God what he should do, God told him again to move and he came to Vobyn, but Fintam came again and told him to begone over the sea. He did not want him there. Cybi became angry and said 'All thy churches are so deserted that there are not three to be found where there is singing at the altar (Mass was always sung at this time). Cybi sent his disciples to make a boat and begin cutting down the trees. Fintam said, if you are God's servants enter the boat without covering . Cybi replied to him 'God is wonderful in his saints, the God of Isrel himself, the Blessed God will give virtue and fortitude to his people'. Then he and the disciples set sail without the covering over the boat. A huge storm came and the disciples were frightened. Cybi prayed and they landed miraculously on the island of Mon (Anglesey) St Cybi struck the rock with his stick and water immediately flowed.
St Cybi at Caer-Gybi-Mon ,Anglesey)

St Cybi came to the place called Cyndaf and there remained some time and said to Caffo, one of his disciples to bring fire from the local smith Magwrn.When he found they were Christian missionaries, he said that he would not give him the fire unless he carried it next to his chest. Caffo did this but nothing was scorched or even singed when he arrived back.

The King of North Wales was Maelgwn.This is also entirely consistent with Cybi being a saint of the sixth century.Maelgwn was out hunting one day and saw a she goat, which he hunted and sent his dog to fetch it but the goat ran to Saint Cybi for protection . Cybi said to Caffo his disciple that he sould go, they could not be together(for his own protection, to escape the anger of the King) And Caffo came to a town now called Merthyr Caffo and the sheherds of Rosiwr killed caffo. St Cybi cursed them with their mistress. The goat found shelter with Cybi and the King told him to let it go but Cybi said 'not if you are going to kill it' . The king said, if you don't let it go, I will remove you from this country'. The blessed Cybi said 'It is not within your pwer to remove me from this land, but is in the power of God, but I will let it loose to you if you offer it to God and give me this land where your dog has been running'.The King agreed. Cybi let the goat go and the hound followed it all aroud there, and it returned to the house of Cybi.A big argument ensued between them but Maelgwn could not resist St Cybi's please and his holiness and granted his castle to Almighty God and holy Cybi slept there as an offering of perpetual charity and alms with Christ in great honour.

On the sixth day and Ides oF November, a 'multitude o Angels' came and took his holy soul to heaven, to be in te company of patriarchs and prophets, the Apotles and evangelists, martyrs and confessors, virgins and righteous saints in the unity of the Communion of saints, the heavenly church. There follows in account of heaven (P501) whichconcludes 'with twenty orders of angels, with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, in peace and joy and in purity and health, without hunger and without nakedness, with abundance for the whole body, and without any evil about a youthful liberal fair and eternal king. Let us request of Almighty God that we may deserve to possess that blessedness through the intercession of the Blessed Cybi for ever and ever.Amen'(Vita Sancti Kepii-MSScespasian A XIV)

Another Claim to Christian Fame! The White Hart Inn and its Priests Hole.This involved among others two Gwent men put to death for the Faith.Father David Lewis and Father Philip (Captain) Evans. These men Iand John Lloyd and John Kemble in different parts of the country)were canonised by Pope John Paul II in 1970 as those of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales. Father David was 63 and Father John over 80 when he was hung drawn and quartered. The Church at Monmouth makes an annual pilgrimage to his shrine.

The White Hart Inn is still the popular local hostelry and home of the famous Hunt.There are always roaring log fires and the place has changed very little in the last five hundred years. Warm and comfortable, it is a magnet for many people, and fulfils the function of an inn, offering coffee and tea as well as other more usual drinks. One of the rooms in the Inn was hired for a very interesting purpose and linked to two popular Welsh saints of the seventeent century, to say Mass.
After the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII and the subecequent enforcement of the Church of England, by fines and even in some cases death ,even so many Gwent Catholics remained true to the older faith of St Cybi and others.Mainly because they believed in the Real Presence of the Eucharist and Apostolic succession.The Catholic cause had been dealt a severe blow by the hotheads taking part in the Gunpowder Plot, their sense have injustice having spilled into unwise action.

However , Sons of local believers went to Douai in France and to St Omer and became ordained like St Cybi, as priests returning secretly, ostensibly as sailors, hiding their true calling. It meant they could explain the lack of family.These priests came to sing Mass for the Catholics, to administer the sacraments and to preach One such was Father David Lewis, son of the Headmaster of Abergavenny School, who trained at St Omer under he name of Charles Baker. The church of St Cybi being closed to them Father David and his flock they hired a room in the White Hart Inn,for Mass and if soldiers came looking for them, Father David would hide in the small priest's hole behind the fireplace.

This can be viewed to this day in the White Hart, where it has been opened up to pilgrims and interested people and is even illuminated by the owners.St David Lewis (canonised by the Pope in the last century) was to be hung drawn and quartered at Usk in 1797 after being betrayed by the greed of some parishioners to the Priest Hunter Arnold of Llanfihangel Court.He was arrested near Llantarnam Abbey where he was preparing to say mMass for the Morgan Family. They were bribed to tell lies so they could arrest the priests, which Oates had claimed were 'spies' for Spain!?....) Father David was interrogated in London and then imprisoned in the former Franciscan Greyfriars building in Usk (then become the local jail)His last speech to the crowd at his execuion very moving.

Father David was greatly loved in Usk,Llangibby and all the surrounding countryside. He was a gentle soul and a good 'Confessor' and advisor.He was the author of a number of writings about Confession now in the National Library of Wales He gave all he had to the poor and was called 'Tad yr Oedolion' (Father of the Poor in Usk and Llangibby)Indeed he was so loved that as he was hung in a very botched execution,two Protestants held his hand to make sure he was dead before he was cut down and, with relief, because the local dignitaries loved him too, he was not drawn or quartered but carried off nobly on a bier to be buried at the graveyard of the Priory of Our Lady's Church nearby (now called St Mary's Parish Church) and buried with the holy nuns. In more recent times,the body was reburied outside the doorway of the parish church and the Society of Jesus (of which order Saint David Lewis was) make an annual pilgrimage and flowers are to be found on the grave every day of the year.Saint David Lewis was the Vicar Apostolic of the land of Wales and a worthy successor to St Cybi and St David his namesake. Father Philip Evans was also active in this region and was martyred in Cardiff, sadly hung drawn and quartered. Shortly after the martyrdoms, Titus Oates, who had told lies against Catholics in order to advance the cause of a specific Christian denomination , was found out and was exectuted in the same manner as the holy priests.Both Father David and Father Philip (also canonised as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales by John Paul II in 1970)and both would have used the Priest's hole in the White Hart Inn.

And a sad story bringing notoriety-The Llangibby massacre

This took place in 1878, when Joseph Garcia,a Spanish sailor was convicted of murdering William and Elizabeth Watkins and their three youngest children living at home.Charlotte, 8 years)Alice (5 years) and Frederick.(4years old)
Period: 1878 . Place : Llangibby [Monmouthshire]

He was executed in 1878 in the Usk County Gaol.
Convicted Perpetrator: Joseph Garcia, a Spanish seaman, executed on 18 Nov 1878 at Usk County Gaol.
The 4surviving children were William III born 1861, Mary Ann born 1863, Catherine born 1864 and Arthur born 1866.

Details are given in Roger William's book THEIR DEADLY TRADE: MURDERS IN MONMOUTHSHIRE published by Gomer. Apparently this is a detailed if lurid account.

How very sad. I wonder what the story was there? When I get hold of the book I might find out. I always wonder what sort of a person could murder children? Shows we all need to pray for mercy and a turning around of hearts.

Gordon Brown and the Free Vote

About time!!! Can't he see the government (powerful as it is, and with such machinery has no right to create a sub species. This is totally off the wall and mentioned in no manifesto. I know he was interested since he has invested over a million of public money into genetic research. Yet what does the IVF extension entail? Cloning of babies?

Latest from Haut de la Garenne as far as we can tell there has been a further room found Chapmbers three and four, with some poitive finds. As yet the police are keeping it all fairly tight to their chests as you would suppose.

Nevertheless, the News of the World printed this article which would make anyone ill to read.Nevertheless here is the link:

The articles make disturbing readings, how care home staff allowed young children to be hired out as sex slaves on cruises and how children were treated from first hand accounts of victims.. They were told they were treats and then abused.Let us hope that justive prevails, in spite of some political leaders on the island trying to rid hemselves of the heroic police chief. There will be a Judgment on all of them, and some will spend their final years in prison. hopefully repenting their disgusting crimes.

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