Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday 18th May 2008-St David's Cathedral, Cardiff

On Sunday 18th May a Pontifical High Mass will be celebrated at St David's Cathedral in Cardiff at 11am. (0292025 1685). I am really pleased about this, because although I entered converted to the Catholic Faith during the time of the new Mass, I am so glad that we are all together again and applaud the Holy Father for beginning to heal the rift betweeen us, as he has tried to do with the Orthodox and with the Anglicans (ongoing negotiations) Christ wanted us to be in unity and I look forward to participating for the first time in this mass.

Apparantly there was an earthquake in Lincolnshire last night! We woke up as the room shook at 4in the morning. Of course not being completely awake I couldn't care less and yet this morning , just heard about it on the radio. It seems one man died when a chimney fell on him-strange at 4am, really and where he must have been standing, yet God rest his soul-and praise be to God for our protection from harm.

The sightings of Madeleine McCann in Weymouth and in France have gone into press silence. Something is not right here.Can't be right that she is seen (the pictures are all over he globe!)is very identifiable, witnesses are positive and yet they are all discarded and nothing further heard.What is going on? Can I ask everyone's prayers that the mystery is speedily resolved and the child returned?

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