Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bridgend Suicides-South Wales

I was greatly upset to learn this weekend from various papers about the Internet Suicides. It seems users of social networking sites like Bebo are killing themselves, so others can set up Internet bereavement walls. This is so desperately sad. We all like our showbiz and bits of celeb information, but it is creating for these people the illusion that if they are not popular, not liked or have no prospects of ever being anyone famous, that their life is of no value to anyone, lest alone their grieving parents.

There was a time when some spiritual direction, some ideas of an afterlife and the existance of God was taught in schools. Atheists have disabled many schools from this in the name of 'diversity', although non Christian children are usually well taught in their own religions. The need for God in human beings is as vital as food.At least Christian and Catholic schools address this-what about other schools.They are all supposed to be having Christian RE-but this has become a confusing mishmash of different religions, no taught doctrinally.

As the hart longs for cooling streams, so longs my heart for you, O God.

The sad thing about all this, is there is a man on this site or linked to it (although I am not certain about this-perhapsit is another site these teenagers link to)giving advice to teenagers on how to take their own lives.The Telegraph said, he felt there was nothing wrong with it!

These young people are using the internet websites to cope with the considerable emotional problems of teenagers. The Sunday Telegraph printed some of the queries of these youngsters about trying to kill themselves.

Another website has been put up called 'Gone too Soon' where all these young suicides-seven so far this year, can have their profile and picture placed in commemoration, giving them some sort of 'fame'.Other Teenagers leave virtual flowers and presents at these bereavement sites. Is this a 21st century sickness?

We all enjoy sites like Facebook, but children have to be able to cope with the real world, where things ae not always exciting and dramatic , where there is failure and disappointment at what might have been.

Remember Pick yourself up, Dust yourself down ad start all over again!

When they enter sites with shadowy perverted figures, encouraging one of the greatest sins of suicide and the spiritual sickness which these Satanic suicide cult figures promote, we have failed them.We have not given them the tools for spiritual combat -fighting the negative in life, and promoting the positive.

Then there is the enormous enormous sense of grief of loving parents who can't understand why the children did not come to them. Are children being stressed beyond belief by all these exams and spiritual deprivation, which have been replaced by celeb cults, environmental issues and entertainment, and especially peer group pressure? Drugs and binge drinking are so much a parcel of this nothingness that is there.

Only God , who knew you in the womb and has counted all the hairs on your head.knows we are all unique human beings and greatly loved by him .Perhaps that love has to be kindled and worked on especially in families who have split up and where there are undealt with anger issues among children who can no longer have a cherished father or mother as part of their everyday lives.Sometimes the feelings of these people are no taken into account. They cope well outwardly and bleed inside and there is no help for them, as they have not been taught prayer .

Strangely many of these memorials talk about 'being better on the Other Side', 'In the next world' etc. So they are not without a certain amount of Holy Spirit, but how terribly terribly desperately sad.

Our Lady, St Mary of Tintern please pray with us as we ask the Heavenly Father to take them to himself by the promise of Our Lord and hold them in his arms, where they will find the love they looked for here. St Michael overcome these demons and forgive us all for failing the young.Hold in your heart the grief of the parents, who are still coming to terms with the reality of these events and whose lives will never be the same again. Amen

Sorry its been sad today. I am upset by this. Teenagers living in silent despair on the Internet at night. How awful to stare into nothingness! Hope you are all listening to who killed Tewdrig? the free podcast from iTunes.Out now.

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