Thursday, February 14, 2008

So who did kill Tewdrig then? The Answer!

Yesterday I recorded my interview with historian Mr Anthony Utting from Mathern. A professional historian , he has published two books about St Tewdrig and therefore very knowledgeable also about various other aspects of history locally. He has researched the Anglo Saxon Chronicle and History of the English Church by Bede and is therefore able to tell me that whilst many of the facts about Tewdrig’s death are not certain that he believes the person buried beneath the sanctuary is the Saint King.He seemed from Archbishop Godwin’s account to have been a large, well nourished man with a large wound in his head-similar to the account in the Book of Llandaff. Modern historians and Scholars like to scoff a bit at this book as they are anxious to prove everything from science, but three days to die is plausible for a head wound inflicted by an Angon or Anglo Saxon spear inducing a coma. He was brought from Tintern (or Ty’r n Brennin-House of the King) to Mathern on the way to Ynys Echni (Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel) a holy place where so many Welsh Saints and royalty are buried. Interesting the word ‘Ynys’-(unnuss-island)Islands were very holy indeed and equivalent to a desert. We have heard about Bardsey Island off North Wales, Caldey Island off Tenby, Flat Holm (Ynys Echni-where the monk Gildas was for a time)and of course St Joseph of Arimathea’s island (Ynys Witrin) or Glastonbury. Tony is quite a colourful character and his interview very interesting and fun. It was another glorious day. Tony was originally Catholic and is now Churchwarden of St Tewdrics in Mathern.

I won’t give you the answer to whom Tony thought killed Tewdrig, you will have to listen to the Podcast for that.

I am currently having a bit of trouble installing my new equipment.An improved microphone and mixer facility which should improve sound quality, but I can’t hear what I am recording through the ear phones and need to take advice at the moment so any day now-when the penny drops I’ll get it up there on iTunes! Not aving had a car for some days has worsened the problems, but I’ll have the Two Tewdrig programmed up very soon!

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