Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday-Time to say sorry?

The sun shone brightly this morning at the Mass with the distribution of the Ashes-even if you did hear tummies rumbling! The beautiful Psalm 51 was said check podcast MaryinMonmouthshire from Itunes for today's episode 'A Newport Boy in Venice' to hear this psalm sung in Venice!

Miserere Mei

Have mercy on me O God in your faithful love
In your great tenderness wipe away my offences
Wash me throughly from my guilt
purify me from sin.

For I am well aware of my offences
My sin is constantly in mind
Against you alone have I sinned
I have done what you see to be wrong.

That you will show your saving justice when you pass sentence
and your victory may appear when you pass judgement
Remember I was born guilty
A sinner from the moment of my conception,

But you delight in sincerity of heart
and insecret you teach me wisdom
Purify me with hyssop until I am clean
wash me till I am whiter than snow.

Let me hear the sound of joy and gladness
and the bones you have crushed will dance
Turn away yur face from my sins
and wipe away all my guilt

God create in me a clean heart
renew me with a resolute spirit
do not thrust me away from thy presence
do not take away from me your spirit of holiness.

Give me back the joy of your Salvation
sustain in me a generous spirit
I shall teach the wicked your paths
and sinners will return to you......

Psalm of David 'for the choirmaster'
Psalm for Ash Wednesday

Today the Father gave us the sign of the cross in ashes on the forehead as an outward sign of penitence, which was very inward too and pleasing to see Mass so full on a weekday/

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