Friday, February 22, 2008

Madeleine McCann

The sighting of Madeleine McCann the day before yesterday has filled us all with hope that the child is still here with us, that Gerry and Kate will be reunited with her. We are bombarded every day with stories of children disappearing, running awau, shooting other children and dreadful stories of predatory paedophiles, Yet the hope still remains that she will be rescued soon and end the agony of the family. The hope remains that she has not endured a terrible time and the Love remains, that this little girl ,has captured hearts around the world and will soon be with us again. I imagine when she is returned it will be in secret to give the parents time to reajust. Those who have been quick to judge and condemn will have to live with this, and those who have had faith in her return will be vindicated. Yes they are the cardinal virtues-Faith, Hope and Love.What is good is a whole scale examination of these paedophiles. They won't of course be in heaven afterwards, but it is up to all of us to put our arm to the wheel to unmask all of them so that our children are safe.

A 7 year old little boy was assaulted by a paedophile yesterday, he was not hurt but very shocked and upset.God bless him. God bless them all, all the children in the clutches of hard hearted selfish predators.December 28 was Holy Innocents Day, which is all about child Martyrs.

The Bridgend teenagers are still being investigated and we need to be bombarding MPs to take down these sites if they break rules and force the sites to block the evil people preying on the loneliness and emotional problems of kids trying to live in a virtual world instead of a vibrant real one. We should say 'Fame is not important-you are worth as much being a doctor, or teacher, nurse or plumber-you are loved for who you are, not what you can do or how you look or how famous you are'. If we allow them to go on in this way, we allow them to look at the world-a wonderful world-askew!

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