Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Lady, St Mary of Tintern, Pray for us.........2.2.08

A beautiful statue of Our Lady of Tintern, similar to to the original destroyed in the sixteenth century, was officially installed in Tintern Abbey on Candlemas Day (Saturday 2nd February) by sculptor Philip Chatfield and masons employed by Cadw, from Tintern Abbey.Many happy pilgrims gathered for Midday Prayer at Tintern Abbey and all rejoiced at the beautiful setting of the statue in this holy place.
It has been placed on a specially carved plinth under the window nearest the transept in the covered south aisle. Flowers and candles adorned the statue brought by pilgrims. Whist it was very cold, the sun shone brightly as did the happy faces of the pilgrims.

The statue is a re-creation of one dating from the 13th century, similar to one at Amiens Cathedral, fragments of which were found at the abbey, where Cistercian monks lived and worshipped for four centuries until the Dissolution, in 1536.
Using stone from the Forest of Dean and hand tools only, Mr Chatfield carved the statue at the abbey, based on detailed research of similar pieces ‘

The work was carried out with the permission and encouragement of Cadw, under the patronage of Rt Revd Dom Paul Stonham, Abbot of Belmont; the Rt Revd Dominic Walker, Bishop of Monmouth; Rt Revd Daniel van Santvoort, Abbot of Caldey, and the Friends of Our Lady of Tintern. (email address in links below)

Prayers were said to mark the occasion, at noon on Saturday, the Feast of the Presentation. The service began with the office hymn for the feast of Candlemas-the Presentation of the Lord and then prayers were said. Revd Norman Wallwork (Methodist minister from Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary) led the intercessions. We finished with a new hymn ‘Our Lady of Tintern’ sung to a popular tune.

At this point the recitation of all 20 decades of the Rosary began, led by Lynne Hunter Johnston, the Joyful, the Sorrowful, The Glorious and the Luminous. Not every one stayed for all 20 mysteries but it was a spiritual and joyous occasion, one of several in 2008.

Our Lady of Tintern
By Dannie Newson

Lady of Tintern we come to proclaim
The wonder and joy of your Son’s saving name:
Lady of Tintern we thank you and bless
The courage and grace which made you say ‘Yes’.

Yes to salvation for all of our race,
Yes to rebirth in a heavenly place;
Yes to the end of pain and despair,
Yes to a life of love and true care

Lady of Tintern we come to proclaim
The wonder and joy of your Son’s saving name:
Lady of Tintern we bless you again;
Let heaven and earth ring out the Amen.

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