Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bridgend suicides . Madeleine McCann-Psychics

It seems that the police have made some progress in establising all these tenagers were linked through other friends etc. There was also some feed back in the papers about young people from Bridgend saying it is a great place to be and that a lot of what was written about the town was not true. It is not a rich town, but I think you have to worry about spiritual deprivation of young people. Not allowed to be taught about God at school (after primary school level it seems)they take comfort, if their messages of commemoration are to be believed in a 'happier place up there''with the angels' etc. Can it be that all the dumbing down of Christianity has not worked? That these youngsters are desirous of a God and afterlife-but want it now, in the true way of the twenty first century. Why, do they not rebel against this evil, evil culture of destroying themselves (and incidentally their families too, who by all accounts are loving and deeply distressed as you can imagine) We all have our crosses to bear in this life, and spiritual strength from the Eucharist, the Word and the people who make this a reality on earth, those near and dear to us, all make life joyful even when there is an odd 'dark night of the soul' or in the vernacular:

We have to 'Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again'!Not equipping children and young people spiritually is leaving them defenceless and weak in a deeply despairing world and lead them away from beauty and truth into dark regions.

Madeleine McCann
It seems psychics are drawing attention to the West Country and camping and caravansites. It would be a good guess in any case. Who looks twice at the families of travellers. I wish that someone would spot her somewhere. On each occasion the person guarding her at a sighting has always been claimed to be unkempt and untidy and could well be a very good idea of hiding her in a caravan. I think the time has come to close European borders and enforce checks on everyone again just to prevent children being smuggled as clearly she has been.How did she get a passport for someone to take her? Or do people even need one any more? God Bless you Madeleine.St Michael Guard you and God bring you home to your family.Still no news of Shannon Matthewswho ran away from home it seems and was trying to get to her father's home in Huddersfield.God Bless her and all our Children and keep them safe!

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