Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Apologies to All!

Hello Everyone! I have hit a very busy few days at the moment because of training people for exams, and this week particularly has been busy. I was in London on Monday and in Wales last night and am really tired this morning. I shall probably paste something a bit more substantial tomorrow when I have time off in the morning!
So I'll be back soon. In the meantime, those interested in St Cadoc, can you have a look at the link on the LHS to Llangattock Lingoed.

St Julius Julianus of Caerleon Inscribed Stone Developments

I have heard back from the Gwent Record Office re-the person who can help me with the location of the bones of St Julian at Tredunnock , where the inscribed tombstone is situated.More interesting the pathway from the river to theChurch is called Via Juliana so we may find something here.Again, it needs time and a visit. Still only in the last phase of the exams.

There are various places I would love to visit, but the middle of a fuel crisis is not the time. If anyone reading has photos of any of these places I would be grateful. I am hoping to make a pilgrimage to St Winefride's Well soon and praying for help with my leg, but want all strikes etc. to be over.

Madeleine McCann

It seems that Gerry and Kate are in Strassbourg (Twinned with Leicester) to talk to politicians about the Europe Wide Amber Alert System for missing children. I hope they are successful and that they find Madeleine very soon.In spite of all searches there is no body and that can only be good.

Bridgend Suicides

It seems a friend of one of the ast victims has died mysteriously on holiday by falling off a balcony. I wonder whether it is time to have some sort of exorcism. This can't be right that so many have died, seemingly people who have not been depressed or have any reason to do this terrible thing.

My Son the Eco Warrior

My son is driving me mad. He has gone made recycling etc and I have stuff all over the place. He comes in and tells us off if we have not put the rubbish in the correct baskets and then sifts through everything. I must add I have been recycling for yonks with separate bins for the paper and for plastics and tins. I now have a smelly bin for waste food etc at the back. Actually I could cope if he did not talk ALL the time about global warming, which both alarms and bores me. Unfortunately there comes a time when you are past caring!

Now he has started doing washing with eco washing powder!!!He has got fabric conditioner though. My delicious Heinz Baked beans are now Organisc beans with the taste taken out.My husband and myself feel we are being taken over. Luckily he is nice and kind and still at 16 goes to Mass, so I hope it is a phase. What I would like is that he would do all the recycling but not talk about it all the time. Perhaps it was a mistake to get him to do GCSE Geography.......................

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