Sunday, June 15, 2008

Food for thought.. Do we need St Michael and his Flaming Sword?

I was very upset this weekend to hear of the Welsh girl Manon Jones , only 18 years old, who died after trying to induce an abortion for a six week baby. She was a Christian girl who had become besotted with a boyfriend of another faith, and while away from homeat university embarked on an affair and become pregnant. There seemed to be problems because the family of the man, of a different faith wanted to bring up the baby. Her mother said 'Manon found it very hard to make the decision to terminate the pregnancy. She wanted to keep the child but there were difficult circumstances which she had to consider with her boyfriend's family and their Muslim religion'.The Inquest came up this week.

Manon took the first dose of medication on June 10 2005 and the second two days later. Her mother said,'She was very scared and I tried to reassure her. It was a very emotional experience for us both. After the desired result had happened, Manon complained of feeling light headed and heavy bleeding. On June 15th her boyfriend took her back to Southmead hospital for a scan, which she was told was 'normal'Four days later ,she left for a holiday abroad but she cut it short as she felt so unwell and on June 23rd returned to Bristol which she admitted herself to Southmead Hospital.

When her mother arrived, Manon was already in intensive care, following seizures and cardiac arrest, Doctors took the decision to turn off her life support on June 27th. A doctor told the inquest a post mortem examination had revealed the student died of hypovolemia, an abnormal decrease in blood volume and shock caused by the 'retained products of conception'-the unborn child> Another doctor who had first treated her when she returned to hospital said she was talking coherently and bleeding was minimal.Manon had to wait four hours for a blood transfusion but it was too late when it arrived. The coroner said her case was the 'saddest case he had ever heard in forty years'The boyfriend refused to comment, but his brother said 'He is a good kid. He made a mistake.'

How terribly sad that she opted for this course and that such a young beautiful girl and her child have been lost. Rest in peace, both of you.

Two priests go through a form of 'marriage'

The other thing which I picked up in the paper was two Anglican Clergymen have staged a gay marriage service in the Church of St Bartholomew the Great in Lond, complete with bridesmaids,confetti and a huge cake.The Anglican Bishop of Winchester has said 'Can we stand for clear teaching or are we powerless in the face of these actions?' A big problem for them.What authority is there to appeal to?

The Anglican Bishop of Rochester has written in the Telegraph about Hazel Blears one of the government ministers discounting any positive correlation between religious conviction and civil committment in a recent report 'Moral but no compass' commissioned by the A of E. He writes 'This will be news to the thousands who seek to serve their communities, anonymously and humbly because of their Christian faith.'

He highlights the extent of what Christians do in the comunity, volunteers in hospitals, prisons, counselling services, refuges, soup kitchens, food runs to London, etc etc. Their belief is the reasons that thousands volunteer for tasks for no pay, knowing they are doing the will of their Heavenly Father.

The report says the government are concentrating on 'minority religions' which means actually Islam, as members of many other faiths also claim of neglect because of this government 'focus'. Most people in this country are at least nominally Christian and many more active communicant members of the Church. The Bishop puts forward the question'Will extremism be combated by concentrating on a single faith, or will it be better fought by proper attention to all faiths? The Government should be putting its resources wherever civil societyis being strengthened, where people are working for social inclusion , where the needs of the most vulnerable are being met. Every faith community deserves recognistion if it is engaged with the wider community in these ways. Some of the factors that have led to extremism-such as social segregation and 'parallel lives'-have to an extent been brought about by policies of successive governments and local authorities in matters such as housing and schooling, and the promotion of multiculturalism at the expense of national and community integrity'. This is an interesting article.It really shows how Christians are being completely ignored, our good news and committment being completely ignored, or wishes being ignored. He writes that we never have and never will be a wholly secular democracy. Our national life and institutions are based on Christian principles. He writes 'I am anavid student of the ways in which the Christian faith has produced the values of human liberty, equality and liberty for the country. The Enlightement took up those themes and made them integral to social and political development. We should not exchange this heritage for a 'mess of pottage'of unknown taste and after effects.

In todays @Sunday Telegraph'

Latin Mass for Every Parish

It seems the extraordinary rite of the Mass is to be introduced into every parish.According to the Telegraph The Pope wishes both masses to be offered side by side. All Seminaries will be required to teach trainee priests to celebrate both forms and Catholic congregations worldwide will receive instruction on how to understand the service.

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos ,speaking for Pope Benedict XVI was asked whether the Latin Rite would be celebrated in many parishes, he said 'all parishes'.So the Pope is seemingly further promoting the former Mass . He spoke as he prepared to celebrate a Tridentine service at Westminster Cathedral, the first time a Cardinal has done this in forty years. I think this is because there is reluctance perhaps by priests to provide this Mass for those who desire it, and difficulties in providing it, whilst the older priesthood have not been taught it.

Prayers are sought this Sunday,

For the repose of the Soul of Pat, faithful friend.
For MAry struggling against dsease.
For the Parents of Madeleine McCann and for Madeleine. For all parents who have had children stolen by evil peeople.
For the people of China and Burma, of Zimbabwe.
For Manon Thomas and her child, and for the mother of Manon.
For all those who defend the Christian Church.

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