Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Podcast today about Trevethin Church

Today I uploaded a new Podcast about Trevethin Church in Pontypool. On reading the 'Life of St Cadoc' there is a story of Cadoc himself coming into the Country ruled over the Petty King Poul at a place called Nant poul. Cadoc is described as being a prince of their own country-ie the country of Gwynlliw and so this could not be Nantcarvan in Glamorgan and the description is very similar to the Llan at Trevethin, which may originally have been called Llangattock(the Llan of Cadoc) juxta Trevethin. I consider the holy secrets and rituals for founding such a Celtic monastic settlements, how they would have worshipped and so forth. Then I talk about the magnificent stained glass of the church (see pictures on the blog below). To get this programme click n the link to the right and then click on the earphones icon-or just down load from iTunes. A slightly longer podcast today as I am very short of time and have wrenched my knee geting out of the car! OUch! The doctor at the hospital told me to rest it! Some hope! But an early night would be good!

Please , if you have an interesting site near you please email me at sending an mp3 file telling me about it, and I'll play it on the next podcast!
Hope you enjoy it!

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