Monday, June 23, 2008

Quiz Answers 1-20

1. Name of the Chieftain of Gwent carried off to Rome.Caractacus

2 Name of the daughter of Caractacus who was a Christian. Princess Eurgain, later named Claudia Rufina by the Emperor Claudius.

3. Name of her brother who became Pope. Linus

4. Name of 5 Rivers in Gwent Usk,Wye,Monnow,Ebbw, Rhymney.

5 Name of three important streams in Gwent Sor Brook, Afon Lwyd and the Honddu

6. Name of Bishop at the time of Martyrdom of St Julius Julianus and St Aaron.

St Amphilabus

7. Where are the present day Churches of Saints Julius and Aaron (including Anglican)

Caerleon, St Julians Road, Newport, and Heather Road, Newport.SS Julius and Aaron.

8. To which city did the Bishop flee?

Roman Verulamium or St Albans as it was later called.

9. Who helped the Bishop but was martyred himselfSt Alban the Martyr

10.On which side of Caerleon was St Aaron martyred?
St Aaron was martyred on the East side of Caerleon/

11. Where is a memorial stone to St Julius Julianus displayed?

In the Parish Church at Tredunnock.

12. Which uncle of the Blessed Virgin Mary was recorded to have come to Gwent with his family and been given land in Garthmadrun and Glastonbury?

Joseph of Arimathea

13 Who ws the famous Queen of Ynyr Gwent who went to Minster near Boscastle in Cornwal and became a Christian Missionary?

Queen Madryn, St Materiana of Tintagel and Minster, Boscastle

14. What was the difference between a White Martyrdom, a Green Martyrdom and a red Martyrdom?

A White martyrdom was giving up your life to God and going to where God led you, either on land or by sea. A Green Martyrdom is giving up your life to got on one 'island of land' with a boundary between the holy place you live and serve God and the world outside.

15. WHo was the hermit, one of the holy Brychan Brycheiniog's family who came to a remote village in the north of the county?

Ishow (Esau the Hermit=Pater Ishow)

16. What happened to him?
He was martyred by soeone to whom he gave food and shelter, doing the Will of God

17. What does 'Llan' mean?

Llan is an designated a Holy consecrated island for a holy place. It always had a curved boundary, although some have disappeared in recent times

18. Who were the Saints of Newport?

The saints of Newport were St Gwynlliw or Woolos, his wife St Gwladys, their son St Cadoc, and other sons Cynydr, their daughter Maches.

19. Name three great monastic teachers and their colleges in Gwent.

St Tatheus and Caerwent College, St Dubrigius/Dyfrig and Caerleon, St Cadoc at Nantcarfan.

20. Who killed Tewdrig, Tegfedd, Tydfil, Maches, Tecla, Cadoc.

Hot contenders were the Vikings, Danes although some people believe the Irish could be responsible for some of it.
So how did you do? See you soon!


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