Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Bridgend Suicide...sad news

Requiescat in Pace...

A father-to-be who was found hanged in a village near Bridgend is believed to be the 20th young suicide victim

Christopher Jones, 23, was found by his father in the family’s garage at 11pm on Sunday night and he died the following day in hospital.

Mr Jones, was known by his childhood nickname of Whiskers.

And what is this Evil dragon stalking Bridgend? Please pray for his soul and the 19 others-mostly teenagers who have been compelled to end their lives since January. A powerful evil, so please pray for the town and his family as well and hard.


Sanctus Belle said...

Mary I will certainly pray for this young man's soul and recommend him to the prayers of Mary Mother of God. This is my first visit to your blog and its wonderful. Keep up the good work.

I must ask if you have available in Wales holy cards/medals of some of my favorite saints that I cannot find here in the US: St. Winifred, Edward the Confessor and St. Edmund Martyr??

Mary in Monmouth said...

Sanctus, will certainly look. I was at St Edmundsbury Cathedral at Ely two years ago and I think I have postcards of the Martyrdom of St Edmund(although it may be a week or two-or you could try the Cathedral website. Ely is from Cambridgeshire in England (East Anglia) Hope you enjoy the podcast of the pilgrimage-it's good fun-although I am learning to work with sound. Edward the Confessor you might get something on the Westminster Abbey Website as his shrine is there. The shrine at St Winifred's Well in Holywell has a gift shop and a great deal of info. There are some links on the Welsh Shrines Group on Facebook and also 'MaryinMonmouth the group on Facebook. You can add me as a friend if you like as we share a lot of interests. Glad you liked the blog-I liked yours as well, though slightly more sophisticated than mine. I do know you would LOVE the Welsh Shrines.St Winefride's Well and Our Lady of the Taper are well cared for ad established and we are in the process of reviving the Miraculous Statue of Mary at Tintern Abbey, near the English border, and Our Lady of Penrhys so this is going well.Both are in the most beautiful places in the Welsh Countryside but Penrhys really wild and remote.
Do buy a video of the Cadfael series with Derek Jacobi because it is actually set (part of it in Gwytherin , where Winefride was originally buried and is the story set as a background against a Mediaeval detective story. Its a great episode (and series)

Thank you for the prayers for Christopher. We prayed for the suicides at Bridgend at the Pilgrimage-20 since Christmas.It seems to be an evil cult.