Thursday, April 17, 2008

St Peter Visits America - Further updates on Madeleine

The Pope celebrated his 81st birthday with a speech from the South Lawn of the White House, insisting that religion had forged "the soul of the nation" and should continue to be a "precious source of insight" to Americans today.

That speech marked the beginning of the Pope's first visit to the United States, a five-day tour of Washington DC and New York.

The Pope said "God Bless America!" adding that he had come "as a friend, a preacher of the Gospel and one with great respect for this vast pluralistic society".
He said that the country's quest for freedom was linked "to a moral order based on the dominion of God, the Creator".

I have, as you see, been watching the continuous streaming of live coverage via EWTN website after seeing tiny snippets on TV. In fact you would have hardly known thousands were lining the streets in America. His historic visit was eclipsed by endless coverage of ----wait for it----Gordon Brown and his self induced credit crunch. Disgusted I saw a bit more of the visit on CNN and then finally was told by Father Roderick on the Daily Breakfast podcast that it was available all day on EWTN. God praise Mother Angelica and EWTN! Anyway click video. Difficult for anyone to get an idea of the scale of this as he has been virtually airbrushed from the news coverage.

Madeleine McCann

It seems that the PJ have asked for a reconstruction of the events of last year on May 3rd to try to desperately solve the mystery. They have listened in as British Police have questioned the nine friends at the Tapas bar that night. One wonder, however what new news they have to be able to confidently claim they can solve the mystery and whether, if the kidnapping of Madeleine was in revenge for something, whether anyone in the party was righting some wrong they believe has been done them and is holding her in a place of safety while they turn the knife, whether returning to Portugal for the parents may be a big opportunity to further torture the parents or even take them in to custody as they seem to have been made arguidos or official suspects on the flimsiest of evidence, so how much more flimsy evidence would there have to be for arrests? It is a risky business. One of the Portuguese police chiefs said that their interviews had left them without a clue and they were clutching at anyting.

I wondered whether police had gone into the relationships of both parents before their marriage. Were there any disappointed and aggrieved disappointed former girlfriends or boyfriends. Who donated the eggs for Kates DNA? Might there be a link there? Did someone want Gerry's research? The questions abound. The fact they are Catholics means there could have been some conflicts of interest between his research ,which may have been lucrative for someone, which he may have witheld in respect of his religious views. There are really so many avenues here that should be explored. Whoever is responsible, it is a wicked act, and this little baby should be returned to her parents forthwith.

Haut de la Garenne

A rather grisly new find at the Haut de la Garenne Home in Jersey. A man came forward and had seen two large holes like pits at the rear of the home. He had asked the people in charrge what they were for and he was told told to mind his own business. The police excavated one o the pits two days ago and found it to have been filled with lime at some stage. Quantities of lime remained at the bottom . The police have no idea what the purpose was and why they were filled with lime-I think I can guess-can't you? If anyone does not believe in the power of the devil to possess people already steeped in evil- just look at this place. God bless all those who suffered and bring them to Glory with OUr Lord.

The Pope criticises American Bishops for their handling of scandals

The Pope last night criticised American church leaders for their handling of sex abuse scandals but said that an increasingly secular society needed to shoulder some of the blame, but that the paedophile scandal must never happen again.But he said,
"What does it mean to speak of child protection when pornography and violence can be viewed in so many homes through media widely available today?" he asked at a prayer service attended by hundreds of US bishops.

He agreed with Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, that the church had dealt with child abuse "very badly".It must never happen again and he was ashamed that some priests of the church were involved in it. (The Church has now instituted child protection officers,and procedures making sure any future problems will be dealt with quickly and effectively by the police-Editor)He said it was up to the Bishops to now heal the rifts and pain caused by the scandal and protect young people. He said that the majority of the clergy in America do well in evangelisation, and it was important that they should be a shield and always protect vulnerable young people under their care. Further children should grow up with a healthy attitude to sex, with the dignity of the human person and the gospel of life. Pornography and violence can be seen in every home and all have their part to play in this revolution of overturning these immoral perversions. Moral values must be taught so that life can flourish. They must address sexual acbuse also in the values of sexual mores.There must be a determined collective response. There has been shame and loss of trust-this brings you close to the crucifix in the pain of Christ in these sins. Jesus is present in the midst of suffering and walk along the path of hope.He hopes for a holier priesthood and this terrible time will bring a period of purification and turning darkness into light. All is being made new in the Light of Christ of Hope.The Bishops would have to lead by example. You must inspire priests to rededicate themselves in holiness, we all need to experience the joy of a Christ centred life, immersing ourselves in prayer. This sustains the life of the whole community. Time spent in prayer is important, the Rosary releases and consecrates us to Christ. The Liturgy of the Hours sanctifies every day and keeps us Christ centred. His healing must be brought to the Faithful.Open yourselves up to the power to the spirit in prayer.He dedicated the people of America to the Immaculate Mary.He wished them peace and joy in the Risen Lord.

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