Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter Snow!!!

Well hello everyone! Unbelievable! To wake up to this yesterday morning, just as we had just had had some glorious warm spring days!!! I had gone down to my mother's in Cwmbran for a couple of days, as I had loads to do and wanted to see her and we actually sat in the garden, saying what lovely weather it was!!Still that's the British Weather for you. Today I have caught up with most of my business stuff and have a busy weekend-rehearsal Wednesday , concert Thursday night with my choir and singing my self in my normal job as soloist on Friday in Ebbw Vale at the Beaufort Theatre and then Saturday working at the Stage School and Sunday playing the piano for ballet exams. Musician's life is never dull!!!If exhausting!

Anyway, will be putting up my podcast of my trip to St Materiana's Tintagel Church on iTunes. If you just google iTunes, press download, click store and enter MaryinMonmouth you will hget these episodes and they can be listened to in the 'podcasts' folder, free and without difficulty! Don't forget it's free if you want to hear lil old me.

Shannon Matthews Latest Shock

I have been absolutely shocked to see Sharon Matthews' Shannon Matthews' Mother and Aunt have now been arrested s well as the Stepfather (22 years) who has already been arrested for having illegal child images on his computer (200 counts!) I find it so sad that a child, who should have every protection against this kind of thing in their own home felt so desperate she had to run away. We won't know the truth about this and we should not speculate, as we don't know all of it. I just find it so sad that when people can't seem to form deep and committed relationships. the risk to children increases. Not only their sense of belonging to a close family unit is shaken but they can also be threatened by people of perverted tastes who can stalk lonely hearts pages and look for single mums with children. All single Mum's should not be unaware of the risks. We are none of us perfect, but forming sturdy (and sometimes difficult)marriages is an important cacoon for nurturing security and self worth in children,who as children of previous partners sometimes just become inconvenient to a new love. This is not, of course always the case, but stability is an important concept in the Christian life and in everyone's life as St Benedict said. Stability brings happiness along with been loved and wanted and a child being a priority in a fmaily unit (without either the father or the mother.) I have heard many people say 'We are staying together because of the children'-how noble and selfless that it! And isn't it true, that marriage, like any relationship, is something you have to work hard at. You have to love more, when times are hard. It forces you to think more for the other person than for yourself, and can bring contentment and happiness as well as security and stability.

Madeleine McCann

Apparently there has been a sighting of Madeleine in Tenerife and detectives are investigating it.Margaret Jones, a tourist ist certain it was her. She was in the airport at the Spanish island. She rang Methodo 3 the McCann detectives when she got home to Cardiff.Sixty year old Mrs Jones who works in the media, said '
'I was sitting opposite a shop. I spotted a little girl with curly red hair with a man, who was about 5ft 10in.....When the little girl looked up, my heart skipped a beat. I took one look and thought, ‘My God, it’s Maddie’.They walked off and I had to get my plane'. She had also reported it to Crimestoppers on March 7th and emailed Leicestershire Police.

I think it was a pity Mrs Jones did not alert the airport police, but perhaps she had to catch her flight.

When you listen to the podcast, if you want to remind yourself about the Holy Madryn or St Materiana of Cornwall, look in the archive or this blog or go to iTunes and download episode 6 of Mary in Monmouth which is all about Queen Materiana of Cornwall.

My son is off to beautiful Italy on Friday. He is visiting he Bay of bella Napoli, Pompei, Vesuvius, Herculaneum and many other places as he is studying Latin. Just one thought! Wish it was me!!!!!!

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