Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Saddest Story-Surely the Devil at work?

Yesterday Bridgend claimed another suicide victim, who hanged himself after he had gone out for the evening drinking with his friends. It was said that he smiled all the time and worked in a shop. His friends were shocked as he was always cheerful and had given no sign of wanting to end it all. His friend Chris said “He had everything to live for and was always so cheerful’.He had even just passed his driving test and was very popular.

He was found hanged in a lane at the back of a friend’s house on the Bettws estate at 7.30am 20th April. He had had a row with some of his friends the previous evening.

His parents Tracey and Byron Rees with two other children were completely shocked and upset and being comforted by their two their children.A large number of flowers have been found at the base of a tree where he was found. His devastated girlfriend Charlotte left a tribute, as did many of his
Friends like Some said he was not the sort of person to do this.
Like many of the victims, Sean had a page on networking site Bebo. He wrote: “I live for the nights I’ll never remember with the friends I’ll never forget.” A local councillor said they were so worried why people are still dying as they could not find answers.
There was talk about an evil person on the internet targeting yo0ung people and suggesting ways to end it. I think it is quite conceivable that there is something diabolic going on in Bridgend, something which actually takes over the bodies of young healthy people, possibly who are made emotionally unstable by some circumstance or event. I understand from priests who specialise in this kind of work that this is possible, and can take people over to destroy themselves and, incidentally parents and families. This I believe is a spiritual sickness. Father Euteneuer who is a Catholic Priest and exorcist said that whilst people to whom this happens are rare- and the church would always want to check if there was another reason for this first- that the numbers of possessions by spirits is rising.

Secularism has created a vacuum in man’s thirst for the infinite. Many schools have taken away the hope of the resurrection by removing all Christian spiritual content from the timetable and substituted a lot of facts about other religions and atheism, they have removed stability and security and hope for life after death. The educators and politicians think they are being clever. If you think there is nothing else-what is the point, even if you are on to a good thing. You are not even encouraged to get married and get stability that way. Even music and beauty and art such as we have heard and seen recently on the Pope’s visit to America, when do such children get much of this in school, where even music is pop music, art is not the great spiritual art. There is nothing to move them.

I would like to have that estate spiritually cleansed. I would like to see people begin to talk again and join in community activities-particularly young people. We bring them up like princes and princesses and they find as adults that life is hard and heartbreaking at times.They need grit and a will to survive Those who have been given the firm foundations of Christian Faith Hope and Love, who engage with their families, and who have a good grip of life, a healthy curiosity and spirit will cope far better. When you have such words written on your Bebo web site, you have to ask what is there in his soul. Do some have too much leisure, or are we not inspiring the young to create music and art to the glory of God, are we not encouraging them to take and interest in things of the spirit and self sacrificing love for others? Looking outwards can heal the hurt within yourself. Or is it that for some there is no priest to talk things over with, no one to talk about those deep things of the soul, that most don’t want to hear about or even understand. God loves all who have died. They were all precious to him. Shaun must have carried beneath that ever smiling face a deep and searing emptiness as so many do today. I will pray for him, his parents and the life he never had. May his soul and all the faithful Departed of Bridgend Rest in Peace.Mary, pray for us all.
St Michael protect them with your fiery sword.

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