Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Growing up in a Vacuum-Haut de la Garenne, Cloning

This is a link to two more sad stories from the children's home. What makes it more horrible is the isolation and worst of all that mp pome responded to complaints not the school, not the police or anyone who could have been counted on to help. These children, already removed from their homes because of concerns there, were helpless and vulnerable commodity for perverted and sick excuses for human beings, their selfishness and desires praying on the helpless and vulnerable. The buzz of (it seems literally) having life or death power of the little ones.

Christ said, whoever does harm to these children, it would be better for him to have a millstone around his head and be thrown into the ocean. These people if not hard and evil must seek forgiveness and take their punishment for their crimes, as they are considerable. Also all those who colluded in it are culpable. The brave people who stuck their necks out and made a fuss were the usual butt of jokes, made out to be mad eccentrics and some people in power seemed back up the abusers. This is how evil succeeds.Evem those 'guests' on the sea trips!

Evil needs human tools to help him do his depraved work. I say I salute the martyrs who made a fuss, were reviled and ridiculed by whoever was in the know and look forward to the convictions, during which perhaps they will reconsider their lives. What a tragedy for so many, especially for those who lost their lives. May their souls resting the mercy of God and receive the happiness and love they never lived to enjoy.Remember them in your prayers.Also remember the parable of the Good Samaritan? The Police, the Councillors? The Medicals? The teachers? who was their good neighbour? Sad....nobody powerful enough to break that wall of silence....
Those who spoke up and tried to help, Well done good and faithful servants!!!For the victims who live, God's Blessings on you all your life!

HUMAN CLONING A waste of time objecting? To anything?

First we have government policy leaked to the press and then parliament told about it afterwards. Now we have, apart from government interfering in practically every aspect of our lives, Human cloning taking place and then the government going to itself and trying to bludgeon MP's into voting for it afterwards as well. Were the licensers acting within the law??

I believe this advanced technology was discovered by a Dutch Company and involves the weak egg of a mother not able to develop this egg, putting it in the husk of a stronger egg and fusing it together in a sort of machine. It was said to be successful and the company claimed they had cloned 8 babies in 2003 . They could not prove it because the parents concerned would not allow their children to be identified. This same technology has clearly already been used on the human cow embryos which are 99 per cent human and 1 per cent cow according to the BBC . Now I am not a scientist but even if it did not involve killing the human tissue to put in cow tissue, this still is killing human tissue which would have had a soul and creating a new species, which is dangerous.

The benefits are listed as cures for horrible and sad diseases, where excellent progress (especially in diabetes)has recently been made and a cure in sight. In addition the umbilical cords of many born and live babies have been used for this research and it has been said the results are as good. So is the reason for the 'Embryology' bill(I know it made my eyes glaze over till I thought about it)something we should all protest about.The Church has always had pity on the unborn,but is this not a step to far. Won't it just be the first little thin end of the wedge of further more extreme experiments which will then be pushed for by the scientists. Human matter, tissue still has a soul-remember the Bible

In the womb I knew you....

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