Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Madeleine Mystery deepens

Well I had some computer issues recently but did put up my latestpodcast which is availablefree from iTunes and called Tintagel cliffs. This also talks about an interesting trip to see the church where St Cadoc'smonastery was situated on its own little round patch of earth now the Trevethin churchyard. Nearby was the Avon Lwyd. I visited Park House in Pontypool which was the house of the Hanbury family, a Cathlic family whosold the house to the church for a school, currently St Albans catholic School. I will put some photos on the blog later. I am using a 'foreign' computer at present which does not house my pictures.The museum in Pontypool has been refurbished and the Stables,where the museum is is absolutely pristine and been well renovated. While I was there ,there was a guitarrist playing in the Coffee shop! One person also told me there was a Lady Llanover society and more of that anon. Lady Llanover brought over the nuns fleeing Fraance to help them set up the Church. There is a Grotto, a Folly, some ice houses , most have been refurbished. Ther is also an Italian Garden, so Pontypool Park continues to delight. The Folly which is a tower is loved by Pontypool People. Thouands upon thousands went up there to celebrate the silver Jubilee of George V. It was torn down in the war as being too much of a landmark, but has now been rebuilt.

The Pope s getting ready for his trip to America. It was reported that over 8 thousand Christian ministers from other churches have come home to the Catholic Church recently. ONe of them, Mike Climbie said her was really angry about the myths and spit put out against Catholics by other christians and he was more annoyed with himself for being seayed at them.

Question is, where is Madeleine? A poster on the Sky Forum have write about Maddy;s whereabouts and I think it is a hoax, although you can never be sure, Fromsomeone called unknown' claiming Madeleine was now called Sarah Kandi whom she (the poster) had taken a year ago in revenge for the treatment she had been given by the parents. Well that is for God to know,but the moment we need to have faith. until she is returned.Lets hope thhis has already happened!

Anyway I msut got to bed now. It is lateand I myst sleep!!

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