Friday, April 18, 2008

Praise to the Lord of Heaven and to the Trinity

From The Black Book of Camarthen
Below: The Priory of St Mary Magdalene, Goldcliff (site)dedicated to Our Lady.The white Benedictines from the Abbey of Bec in Normandy prayed here to the God of Heaven.

1 Be it mine to praise Him,
Who is great in praises:
Him as Ruler I adore,
For He has increased the fruit
Of His charity!

2God has guarded us
God has made us
God will save us
God is our Hope
Worthy and perfect--
So beautiful His destiny.

3 We are O and A’d of Him,
Who is in the highest heaven
King of Trinity:
God was sorely tried,
When He was entering
Into suffering and pain

4.God has come!
Though He was imprisoned
In His gentleness
Sovereign most blessed
He shall make us free
For the Judgement Day!

5 He shall bring us to the Feast,
In His mildness
And His lowliness:
In His Paradise,
Holy shall we dwell
From sin's penalty.

6.We have no health
But in his agony
And the five wounds
Unsparing His grief
In human defence was
When He took our flesh

7 To God we were lost,
Except for the ransom
By a blameless decree:
From the blood-stained rood
Streamed forth Salvation
To the wide universe!
Mighty Shepherd
Never shall the merit
Of Christ decay. Amen

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