Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the Fourth Advent Sunday! 21st December 08

Modern Celtic Woman Rendition of the Wexford Carol, by Maev from Wales! I have, in the last two weeks posted three podcast programmes on Mary in Monmouth, which should bring us to the end of our current study of the Story of Christianity in Britain up until the end of the first Millennium. Of course there are ommissions and as I can get into see places-even Celtic places I have not been able to reach yet, I will do a little flashback, but am concentrating next year on the Religious Houses of Gwent, most of them now Anglican Parish Churches, except for the Cistercian Abbeys like Tintern and Llantarnam, which is DG still used as an Abbey by the Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy. The events have moved fast, a new and beautiful Statue plus the news that an Indulgence under all the usual conditions (confession, Mass etc) is still in force for those who visit the shrine. A great Grace is that Cadw the government body looking after the abbey is making a house available as a Pilgrim Centre. In St Michael's in Newport and ur Lady and St Michaels in Abergavenny, we have the news that the Tridentine Mass is once again being offered thanks to the Pope's 'Moto Proprio'and that it seems there has been an upsurge in new vocations to the Priesthood. Am perturbed that very few churches are offering Midnight Masses at Midnight. They seem to have slipped to 9pm which is too early for us, so we may pay a visit to the Anglicans this year and go to Mass in the Morning at St Mary's in Newport, the Church where I was married and our son was baptised. I think I have covered most of the materials from the podcasts on the blogs before, but they also contain some surprises! I am sending a special Christmas Edition of the Mary in Monmouth Podcast on Christmas Eve itself and hope you will download via iTunes or listen at this link or simply type it in at the iTunes store! These are all images of the former St Peter's Abbey, (Benedictine) Gloucester not Gloucester Anglican Cathedral. The recordings of the Victorian Medley and 'O Nata Lux de Lumine' were made here in the North Transept above the choir.Interesting was a stained glass window pane with an image of Pope Clement on it!At St Neot's I saw a stained glass pane of Pope Urban. Resonet in Laudibus (14thCentury German Christmas Hymn) Resonet in Laudibus 14th Century German Carol Resonet in laudibus, (Resound in Praise) cum jucundis plausibus,(With jocund shouts) Ecclesiam cum fidelibus (Who appears with the Faithful of the Church) apparuit quem genuit Maria.(to the Holy One born of Mary) Christus natus hodie, (Christ is born today) ex Maria virgine, (From the Virgin Mary) sine virile semine: (Without the seed of Man) apparuit quem genuit Maria. (He appeared who was born of Mary) Pueri, concinite, (Boys, celebrate) nato regi psallite, (Sing psalms to the King) voce pia dicite: (Speak with a pious voice) apparuit quem genuit Maria (.to him who appeared born of Mary) Sion, lauda Dominum, (Zion, Praise the Lord!) salvatorem hominum, (The Saviour of Mankind) purgatorem criminum (The Criminal of Purgatory) apparuit quem genuit Maria. (Who appeared, born of the Virgin Mary) Sunt impleta quae praedixit Gabriel,(As it was explained by the Angel Gabriel) Eia, Eia, (Lullay Lullay) Virgo Deum genuit (The Virgin bore God) quem divina voluit clementia.(Whose divinity wishes clemency) Hodie apparuit, (Today he appears) apparuit in Israel, (He appears in Israel) ex Maria virgine: (Out of the Virgin Mary) est natus Rex. The King is born)


Al Iguana said...

slightly strange request, but do you know if there are any CDs with Latin Carols on them? Preferably mediaeval. Or early. Or plainsong. Something Christmassy?

Mary in Monmouth said...

Yes, Al. There is the one European One , which is lovely
This one is Very Christmassy-even has King Wenceslas in Latin!In dulci Jubilo is one of the oldest.
It is called:
Pax homninibus bonae voluntatis
(Peace to men of good will on earth) Amazon have given it a title. 'The most beautiful Latin Christmas Carols'.Just type in 'Latin Christmas Carol's and it will come up.
On American Amazon too, you can get 'O Abies' There is a link from a site called gaudiam magnum which has all the texts of the ancient carols as well.

You might be interested in 'Old Christmas Returned' by the York Waits. This is an old recording now, but I think you can still get it. If you can't I can copy it for you if you give me your address.It has some very old carols on it, some in Old English.

Have a Happy and Joyful time and I wish you the Merriest Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2009 as well!!!
Will have to send the carols slightly after Christmas, but Christmas actually lasts all the way through Jan in the Church, so plenty of time!!!

Al Iguana said...

thank you! I was looking at O Abies, but it wouldn't arrive in time. I managed to get a CD by a group called the Boston Camerata, called "A Renaissance Christmas". Some lovely songs on there, interspersed with bible verse in old English - or sounds like a mediaeval Italian speaking English anyhow. It's beautiful:

I think your blog is rubbing off on me... in a good way, of course :) Have a wonderful Christmas!