Saturday, January 19, 2008

St Anne's Well. also known as 'The Virtuous Well'

This well, reputedly a healing well, the waters having special powers to cure women's ailments and problems was dedicated in Christian times to St Anne, mother of the virgin Mary. This well is also known locally as 'the Virtuous Well' and many women come to pray for cures and to use the waters as such for ailments. In the Christian tradition we light candles for these prayers, but in the fields women tie coloured rags to the trees to keep their prayers at the shrine. Trellech is an interesting village south of Monmouth which also contains the 'Harold Stones' ancient stones which are said to have been hurled rom the nearest mountain in pre Christian times.

The village of Trellech was a medium sized town in the Middle Ages. It now lies under many fields although work is being done to excavate portions. The church at Trellech (dedication to St Nicholas (-yes Santa Claus-Sinta Claas is Dutch for St Nicholas) an Eastern Saint, was actually part of a Grange of Tintern Abbey. Monks would live close to the church and service it and also keep an eye on the farming etc in the area, acting as administrators. I imagine that the Plague probably impoverished the town, if it did not wipe out all the citizens as there are very few houses there now. Doctor Madeleine Grey working at the University of Newport is closely involved in investigating the town.

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nocturnae said...

Hey! Upon planning my trip to Wales next Septembre I stumpled upon your blog.

Could you tell me if you're free to walk up to the well? Or is it somewhat protected? - This is probably a dumb question though!

Also, I'd like to say that "Sinta claas" isn't the dutch translation. For the Dutch we use here in Belgium it's "sinterklaas".

Apart from that, good post!