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Praise to the Trinity-A Poem written in Ishow's time

The Holy Trinity is the unified threefold God of Christians. St Patrick used a shamrock to explain how each leaf represented a different 'face' of God. It is very difficult to explain the Trinity but I have tried in these short notes-read them before the early Welsh poem, of the type which could have been used by Ishow as a 'Spiritual Breastplate'.So the three persons are all the same God.

1.God the Father
-the Creator of Heaven and Earth-who threw the first people out of Paradise for disobedience. Death comes into the world for the first time. Gave human beings free choice to do good or evil. Have to be trained to do good -promises various old Testament figures to send a Messiah. Prophecy concerning the Saviour:Isaiah and others.
1. Born in Bethlehem
2. Born of Virgin
3.House and line of David-stem of Jesse
4.His name would be 'Emmanuel' (God with us)
5.Would be great-son of the most High
6. Would Save God's people.

2.God the Son-
The Lord Jesus Christ (The Annointed One-Holy One of God) God came to Earth in human form
via the specially prepared body of a young Jewish woman, who though frightened, agreed to do God's will. This agreement led to the salvation of the world through her child, born of the Holy Spirit
to show humans how they could return to Paradise by ways of living and believing and praying and believing the Promise of Christ, who took the sins of the world on his back like the strokes of the whip and then allowed himself to be sacrificed as a scapegoat for mankind. Those pleasing to God at the Judgement can return to Heaven. Christ gave the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to Peter, whom he instructed to found a church, which would last till the end of time. Members of the Church are 'The Body of Christ' also as an Icon of Mary who made the body of Christ in her womb. Members of the Body of Christ commune together by eating the Body and blood of Christ in an amazing ritual of transubstatiation of bread and wine.This happens all over the world at different times, keeping the body working in the world through all manner of ways working at clothing the naked, feeding the hungry,and like Mother Theresa helping the dying to die with dignity.

3 God the Holy Spirit
Spirit and Giver of Life. The Comforter of the afflicted and dying.Often portrayed by a Dove . David was said to have had a dove fly on to his shoulder at the Synod of Llandew Brefi, when he was speaking against Pelagius. Holy Spirit urges people to do good actions for others and leads people to God. A sin against the Holy Spirit is the only Sin God will not forgive.

The most powerful thing a Christian can do to ward off evil and open to God is to make the sign of the Cross on forehead, heart, left shoulder and right shoulder + and then say 'In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

A Praise to the Trinity (from the Time of Ishow-Welsh)

On the face of the World
There was not born
his equal.
Three person God
Trinity's only Son
Gentle and Strong
Son of the Godhead
Son of Humanity
Sole Son of Wonder
The Son of God is a Refuge.
Mary's Son is a blessed Sanctuary.

A noble child was seen
Great his splendour
Great Lord and God
In the lace of Glory.

From the line of Adam
and Abraham
We were born,
But from the line of David
-the fulfilment of prophecy-
The host was born again!

By his word he saved
The blind and the deaf
From all suffering.
The ragged, foolish sinners,
And those of impure mind.
Let us rise up to meet the Trinity
Following our Salvation.
The Cross of Christ is bright
A shining breastplate
Against all harm
And all our enemies.

May it be strong
The place of our Protection

Excerpt from Celtic Spirituality by Oliver Davies (Great Classics of Christian Spirituality)Paulist Press.Translated Oliver Davies p2700-8091-3894-8.1999

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