Thursday, December 14, 2023



PILGRIMAGE on the Hereford Border. Excellent pictures, but there is a "Bring your own beliefs "policy from the Trust- not especially Catholic unless you bring a priest and your beads.  Nevertheless it advertises a number of  ancient Catholic Sites. St Issui's Well and Church at Patrishow (Pater Issui-Fr Esau the Martyr) Llanthony Priory, Craswell Priory,St Mary's Church, and Cwmyoy Church,mostly medieval buildings or ruins. Pictures of the amazing medieval rood screen at Patrishow (off the road to Hereford from Abergavenny. Click on the link for the pictures. The countryside is simply stunning and there is accommodation at Llanthony. 

At Capel y Ffin, up the hill from the ancient Church is the ancient site of Father Ignatius' Lyne's monastery and statue of BVM, which was claimed there in the 19th century. There is documentation for this and another "sighting" by a Norman lady back in the eleventh century, which led to St Marys Church church being built.(now Anglican) This is the site of an annual pilgrimage. This is however, private land, so it is essential to ask permission from the owners, or by perhaps (better) contacting them in advance. They do, I believe rent out holiday self catering accommodation, but you would need to check, if you require it. I believe the owners also have horseriding buisiness.

The Trust also have a couple of jobs available.                                                 mc_cid=8379b5e8cc&mc_eid=b79526752c

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