Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have had an unbeluievably busy few weeks with very little time to call my own, and asadly not evben enough time to post my Christmas Podcast.Then I have been ill for the last few days with a heavy cold and having to get ready for travelling. I think my facebook friends can contact me there-or you can contact me on 'maryinmonmouth@googlemail.com. I hope perhaps on 27th or 28th to put up my Christmas Special and may even get around to blog about our travels if I take my laptop with mje tomorrow. I have a problem with castblaster which only seems to work with XP and so am completely puzzled as my microphone will not work, yet does if I use only files from the Zoom H2 ehivh is good quality but rather limiting as I can't mix sounds. Hopefully I will get some help soon over this.

I will see what I can do tomorrow!

Can I wish all readers and listeners a happy and holy Christmas and also a happy and healthy new year. There are big surprises in store in the podcasts and in the blogs as we go deeper into Mediaeval devotions.

Highlight of the year was the visit of the relics of St Theresa when 4,000 people turned up in Cardiff to venerate her, including all sorts of Christians as wel;l as Catholics, all clutching red roses and candles! Beautiful!