Thursday, February 3, 2011


 Templar Church of St Michael, Garway. Travel Directions are given in the last post.
Holy well, before restoration
 Altar incisions from the date of the earliest stone church (Saxon or earlier)
Stoup, where the Templars and others rememmbered their baptism and ritually invoked the Father Son and Holy Spirit when entering and leaving church, exactly as today.

 Altar Incision, from consecration of altar in Catholic times.
A 'Green Man' Carving, for Christians denoting new life in Christ.
Cross inside the Garway Church

Norman arch in Garway Church
Carving outside the walls
Templar Carving outside the church on the Walls
Another Carving Knights Templar
Fish -one of the earliest Christian signs, which Evelyn Lord, an acknowledged expert on the Templars, believes to have belonged to an earlier Church, the successor to St Dyfrig's (Dubricius) church which was laid waste by Vikings.
Blessed Sacrament above the piscina
A little unclear, but you can see the door into a previous ROUND nave, which can be traced outside into an ambulatory which seems to have gone around the outside-although I think I can see a much smaller, earlier Saxon church traced in the wall.
Outside the Nave
Beautiful Carving showing a Knight spurred on by angels.
This looks like a niche for a statue-possibly of the 'Blessed' Mother. (words of Angel Gabriel)

Earlier carving in the church, but I am not sure, what it is!

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Lawrence Lew OP said...

Thanks for this interesting post, and indeed for your informative blog. Just a few points:

The carving you show is of the 'Binding of Isaac', as recounted in Genesis 22:1-14, and not of a knight spurred on by angels.

The niche you show, given how small it is, is probably for the cruets and finger bowl used during the Mass.