Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The new mosaic has been unveiled and the following a brief report from the 'Papal Blog'.
The mosaic is wonderfully bright and full of gold and silver that really bring the wall outside St Paul’s Chapel alive. In the centre is a depiction of St David, the patron saint of Wales, standing on the mound at Llandewi Brefi, defending the church's teaching against the Pelagian heresy.
In the mosaic of the mound is an actual piece of rock from Llandewy Brevie in Wales, where it was said that the ground rose beneath St David as he was preaching to allow people to hear him better. Around his head is written 'Dewi Sant', his name in Welsh, and just above is a small red, sixth century bishops mitre recognising that Saint David was made a bishop of the Roman province of Menevia.

The final product has been thanks to two people in particular – Ifor Davies, the Welsh artist who designed and painted the original image, and Tessa Hunkin who created the mosaic itself - both of whom had to work to a very tight deadline to have the mosaic completed.

Ifor Davies revealed at the unveiling of the St David mosaic that he considered this mosaic one of his greatest achievements. He told the small audience gathered for the official unveiling: “This has been the most exciting thing that I could ever imagine doing”. We imagine that having Pope Benedict come to bless the mosaic can only make it even more exciting!
  Bishop Edwin of Wrexham
Bishop Edwin of Wrexham is addressing the pope, greeting him from the People of Wales and Pope Benedict will light the taper on the statue of Our Lady of the Taper (Mair o Aberteifi) This is a replica of the very old statue found on the beach at Cardigan and brought into the church. It was destroyed at the 'reformation' by Henry VIII but was the focus for many people's prayer requests to Our Lady. This statue has been restored at the beginning of the last century and be brought to Westminster Cathedral from Cardigan, resting at Bristol Cathedral for a vigil ..
 The little statue of the Lady of the Taper.One of Two in Wales-the other is Our Lady of Penrhys.

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