Friday, May 8, 2009

NEXT WEDNESDAY-9pm BELMONT ABBEY & Other Monmouthshire Pilgrimages

Belmont Abbey used to be the Catholic Cathedral for Newport and next Wednesday, at Dusk, on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima, there is a torchlight procession, and various celebrations connected with honouring Mary. I understand 9pm to be the start of the proceedings. The procession will move from the grounds of the Abbey into the Abbey Church, where the Abbot will preach a homily, following other celebrations.

Our Lady, in the prophecies at Fatima did say that we are powerless against the forces against us in the world and that the most powerful thing we can do is to pray constantly, the Mass, the rosary meditations and prayers, Divine Mercy etc and this magnificent devotion to the human being that God most honoured to bring Christ into the world during the Month of May, month of new life will be colourful, joyful and give great glory to God.So if anyone wants to come along, it should be a wonderful occasion.

SUNDAY 12 JULY: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Glastonbury. 12am Mass, Benediction, Procession to the Abbey. Bishop Declan of Clifton.

SUNDAY 21 JUNE: Welsh Pilgrimages to St Winifride's Well, Holywell, near Flint.
BR Chester. Pilgrim's Hostel (£35per night)book online-next to the well.

SUNDAY 12 JULY: LATIN MASS Pilgrimage to St Winifride's Well.

TUESDAY 22 SEPTEMBER: Veneration of St Therese of Lisieux's relics at St David's Cathedral (RC) at Cardiff.

As I get details of other pilgrimages and events, I will post them here. Still to be confirmed

FEAST DAY ,Mass and Pilgrimage St David Lewis, Usk (date unknown as yet but late August)

FEAST DAY:Mass and Pilgrimage honouring St John Kemble at the Anglican Church in Welsh Bicknor, ust north of Monmouth.

Day of Pilgrimage, Anglican/Catholic to the Monestary at Capel-y-ffin near Llanfihangel Crucorney, when there was a Revelation of Our Lady at the monestary to choir boys. This was originally an Anglo-Catholic foundation and so the Catholic Church did not investigate it at the time, so is not an 'officially recognised' site. However, there have been seven sightings of our Lady in this place since the 11th century by a Norman Lady, and upon the death of the Anglican Abbot, the monks went to Caldey but later converted to the Catholic Church. Sadly their removal to Prinknash and financial problems made it impossible for the Church to administer in this place and it is now a private house. However the owners generously provide the refectory of the old monastery for tea after the afternoon ecumenical service at 3pm as without doubt Joseph 'Ignatius' Lyne was a very devout and holy man, not supported very well by his own church at the time. I have posted about the sighting two years ago, but will repost , if I manage to get there myself. It would be good to have a few more Catholics there if only to say the rosary together. Picnic lunch.
Capel y ffin is off the main road from Abergavenny to Hereford, get off at Llanfihangel Crucorney, turn left down the hill at the sign to Llanthony Abbey then drive six miles along the road (outstanding scenery) after the abbey turn left up the mountain and then park at Capel y ffin. Enter the little Church of St Mary, Virgin for the procession to the spot. The view from the monastery is outstanding.The church is ruined as there was no money to repair it. (LATE AUGUST)

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