Friday, August 1, 2008

Pope John Paul II

Elizabeth sent me this via Facebook. It is utterly moving and finishes with the words 'John Paul lives on in many hearts' and there is a group on facebook dedicated to him.

John Brunton has just started another group on Facebook 'Spirit UK', which will hopefully give UK Catholic bloggers a vehicle for exchanging details of events etc.
If anyone is on Facebook that reads this, please join his group.

Pope John Paul was a great man, who took on the weighty responsibility of being Peter in our times very seriously. We should thank God for his goodness in showing us such a new pope for the Millennium and then such an inspiring figure as Benedict XVI who has carried on the momentum and given it new impetus and direction. We thank God for both.They are not interested in how much we earn or how famous we are. They are 'Good Shepherds' fr the flock Christ brought together in his 'mystical body'.

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