Friday, May 2, 2008

One Year On....Where is Madeleine?

Research has shown that if the remains of children are not found quickly there is a healthy possibility they may be found alive. So it is in this case. The hardest thing to dispose of is a body. So we need not think of any gruesome outcome here. What is more likely is that she has been taken to someone who has paid to have a specially chosen child. OUr consumer society dulls our senses and thus people can rationalise on this point-they can buy one,and get one stolen by a trafficker. This has to be big business. Yet it is grossly evil to take a child from its parents.A family unit should be strong group, protecting its own from the outside world, giving nourishment and support. There is also the possibility that someone known to Gerry and Kate, from their past perhaps used the opportunity to right an old wrong. This is a possibility. We really don't know, yet in a year or two and sooner or later the child must be educated or even perhaps go to hospital for checkups already in September this year in UK and hospitals will discover her origins, particularly if blood types dont match, so sooner or later a parent, of teacher will notice and she will be found. So this is a time the kidnapper will be thinking they ought to return her-at least if there is any shred of decency.

Check the passports of every child Lock all the borders if a child goes missing.

About twenty years ago I was in Germany-even with the free movement in the Common Market, when my uncle, a German man drove myself and my two young cousins over the border into Holland on the way to Groningen,we nearly ad to go back because we thought he did not have a passport of one of the children. I said I thought there was free movement etc but my Uncle Gerd said, that they still had to stop at the border to check every child's passport, because child snatching was rife. I am at a loss then why Brigitte Zypries is not wanting to implement the amber alert system, saying it will 'dull' the public's senses and they will get fed up! If child abduction is so very rare , why would they do that?

According to the charity Reunite, more than 400 children are taken illegally either into or out of UK every year.
Lady Catherine Meyer set up Parents and Abducted Children Together (PACT) after her two young children failed to return from a trip to their father in Germany in 1994, despite a court order.She is with the McCanns in Brussels and believes an alert system would have made all the difference in their case.
"If Madeleine has been abducted by a predator, there would have been a huge chance of her being spotted. All the exit ports would have been alerted immediately".
Portuguese police had no such mechanism in place and are accused of reacting slowly to her disappearance.

116000 hotline

As well as the child alert system, Gerry and Kate McCann would like MEPs to sign up to a Europe-wide missing child hotline and a European children's centre which would co-ordinate the efforts of governments, the police and voluntary groups.
But is the EU the right body to address the issue?
A hotline has already been launched by the European Commission with the aim of giving a single number - 116000 - for parents to report missing children, wherever they are in Europe.
The aim is to extend the hotline to 47 countries, but it has had a slow start.
The McCanns travelled across Europe to raise the profile of the search
Only five of the EU's 27 member states - Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Hungary and Portugal - have so far adopted it, although the European Commission says more are in the pipeline.

Missing Children Europe brings together charities across the continent and is also backing the hotline number.
But, like Germany and Austria, it is not so keen on extending the French alert system across the whole of Europe. Far better, it says, for national alerts to communicate with each other when necessary. I so disagree. These traffickers who pray on children get more and more sophisticated as big bucks come in to play.On the other hand to chose to take a high profile child like Madeleine with powerful connections was foolhardy and very risky and either a very stupid person did it, or there is more here than meets the eye. They may have offended someone more powerful than they somehow and may not have even considered this-even a disgruntled former girl or boyfriend or business aquaintance. Nonetheless it is criminal and above all heartless. We can only pray today, one year on, that Madeleine and other missing children will be found soon, by a less indifferent Europe. Missing children such as Yeremi Vargas, whose mother had no help at all from the authorities when her son went missing and was walking around Madrid handing out photocopied sheets with her son's picture and later saw him in a movie made for gratification of perverts. Who says when God looks out the sindow everymorning he does not see the agonising crucified body of Christ in front of him. Spiritually all these parents are at that point. Light a candle online or in your church today or tomorrow. If your church does not have a votive stand go into a Catholic Church and pray for a moment. Kiss the candle light it and pray for these parents that they may be supported and keep calm, for the children in their distress, for their captors that they show mercy and send them back and for Europe that it finds again its decency and soul and once again insists that child passports are shown.

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